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  • Description

    This video speaks about the many forms and dimensions of addiction that Americans are struggling with, and analyzes how they affect not only our health, but also our relationships. No matter what type of fixation you are dealing with, the hidden problems of addiction are most frequently insecurity, stress, boredom, fear, or emotional pain. Furthermore, this video focuses on what we can do about addiction, and how we can help those struggling with it.

  • My Method

    It's impossible to talk about health, without approaching the issue of addiction. According to research, most people are addicted to nicotine, alcohol, or drugs, but studies often overlook obsessions such as food, the internet, work, or even shopping. In this video, we will talk about the opportunities for recovery available to addicts, such as specialized programs, and trained professionals. However, we will also approach the subject of habit change and how to manage addictions when you’re on your own.

  • What I expect

    Any form of addiction is harmful to our health, but fortunately there are many ways to handle it, whether in a group or alone. Follow a twelve step program; it will give you a sense of community and social support that will help you keep fighting. Changing habits is not easy, but try it anyway. Replace your addiction with a positive activity such as running or meditating. You don’t have to go through this alone. Choose a coach or a mentor to guide and offer you support.

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