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  • Description

    Money is a significant aspect of our life, but many people give up too much in order to gain it, and their obsession with money and work usually masks their fear of intimacy, whether they are conscious about it or not. This video explains that while stressing over the fact that we don’t make enough money can negatively impact our life, becoming too obsessed with our wealth can have similar effects. Moreover, the video speaks about the significance of having role models who can offer us advice and guidance, as well as about the many books that we can use in order to correct our spending habits, and the way we handle and view money in general.

  • My Method

    Frequently in life, we tend to be out of balance from a financial point of view, and find ourselves being consumed by the idea of success and gaining lots of money. In this video we will take a look at the many paths we can follow when we’re financially insecure and discover our options when trying to find balance once again. In addition, we will speak about the benefits of having successful role models, but also work on understanding what changes and transformations we need to make in order to become more prosperous ourselves.

  • What I expect

    Avoiding intimacy can lead us to workaholism and gaining an unhealthy perspective on money. Are you avoiding the challenges of intimacy and closeness in your life? There are people in your life who found a way to balance their success and personal relationships. These are the people you should reach out to- ask for their advice! Give up other people’s expectations about money, and make your own game plan, according to your vision and ideas.

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