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  • Description

    Discovering your passions in life and doing what you love can be amazing, but it will not necessarily bring you the money you want. This video discusses this idea through real life stories of people who used their interests in jobs that paid more money. From a preschool teacher who became a principal, to an artist who created a successful retail product, to a producer who came up with a pet food idea, this video emphasizes the idea that we have to find the right means to use our passions.

  • My Method

    Helping people find out what their core passions in life are, and do what they really love is something that I enjoy doing. And that is because, very often many of us are stuck in careers that we cannot stand. In this video, we will study the connection between passion, intensity, focus, and our finances, but also evaluate the basis of making money.

  • What I expect

    The idea that all you need in order to earn money is to do what you love is very appealing, but it is not entirely true. An important aspect of gaining money is finding the right vehicle to carry your passions, and that is exactly what I want you to focus on.

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