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  • Description

    This video approaches the two things that we need to do when looking to create more intimacy in our lives: finding the right partner and being the right partner. Staying more present and slowing things down can help us see if the person we care about is the right one for us. At the same time, it is important to practice self-expression, to stay balanced and to let ourselves be emotionally vulnerable in order to create intimacy and get better at emotional closeness.

  • My Method

    In the area of intimacy being cared about is equally as important as caring about someone. That is why, for this video we will discuss the ways in which we can get a better outcome in our intimate partnerships, by improving the fundamental parts of emotional closeness. I like to teach people listening skills, but also advise them to bring things up, as self-expression, and really listening to others are essential steps in allowing closeness in our lives. We will work on being more in the here and now, on being kind, and on genuinely showing interest in others, aiming at an easier development of intimacy.

  • What I expect

    Is your partner genuinely interested in you? Take a step back, get more present, and find out if he/she is really right for you. Learn to really listen to others, and allow yourself to get involved and truly care for people. Being in an intimate partnership means we can bring things up although it might be uncomfortable. Practice self-expression and you will no longer feel resentful, irritated or passive aggressive.

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