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  • Description

    This month we will focus on the benefits of being pro-active and taking action as opposed to the negative consequences that avoidance and fear bring. In all areas of our life, efficient communication plays a crucial role. This month is about overcoming our fears and developing courage to express our truth, about staying in the now and taking small steps towards changing and learning to communicate more honestly and efficiently.

  • My Method

    This month we will learn how to deal with fear, how to make small changes, and how to develop courage in the area of communication, health, money, and intimacy. I will help you understand the ways in which you can make yourself heard, and leave your anxieties aside. We will explore the advantages of efficient communication and those of pro-activity, through stories and examples of people who surpassed the same obstacles and got a chance at a better life.

  • What I expect

    During this month I want you to analyze all areas of your life and gain a better understanding of your fears and anxieties regarding communication. What scares you the most about communication? Make a list of your fears and let them go one by one. What are you avoiding? Be pro-active and take action day after day. Pay attention to your health and start practicing meditation and mindfulness! Find out who you are around money and what your true needs are. Get better at intimacy through self-expression and acceptance.

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