Open Door Podcast with Dr Brett

Open Door with Dr. Brett was originally a live radio show. It is now a weekly podcast. Enjoy the enlightening, enlivening, and authentic conversations of Dr. Brett, his co-host Veronica, and his accomplished guests.


Networking as a Progressive Business and Life Tool

Dr. Brett, along with his co-host Veronica Brillon, discuss his rather unique philosophy on networking as a business and life tool. Authenticity, presence, and letting go are important aspects of this perspective! Later in the show, they interview Mary Ellen Walsh, a well-known dog trainer. The interview is full of psychological and spiritual concepts related to helping dog owners and people do life more successfully!


Perspectives on Networking and Career Success

Dr. Brett along with his co-host Veronica Brillon, discuss various aspects of networking, career transitions, and the importance of being in the game! A plethora of related issues and themes are addressed. For example, using your time, energy, and money to improve upon your weaknesses as well as further develop your strengths in both life and business!


The Value Of Creating A Dream For Your Life

Dr. Brett, along with his co-host Veronica Brillon, discuss the importance dreaming, visualizing, and fantasizing as a method of exploring what you love and what you want to experience in life and business. Allowing as an energy and way of being is discussed in particular! Later in the show, they address a full range of interesting topics such as Awareness, Self-Discipline, Integrity, and Balance to name a few.


Managing Stress In Life and Business

Dr. Brett, along with his co-host Veronica Brillon, discuss the fundamentals of managing stress in life and business. Dr. Brett talks about the value of coming back to the here and now, gaining perspective, and developing greater leadership ability by managing your emotional states better! The essence of leadership, connecting with and challenging your employees, is also addressed. Later in the show, they interview Jeffrey Schreider, a recruiter. The discussion involves getting comfortable in your own skin, interviewing more effectively, and the importance of finding and following your own path!

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