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  • Description

    This video revolves around the many bad habits that people have around money, and their inability to acknowledge the real situation. A significant amount of people avoid stress or work-related problems by giving in to compulsive spending habits, instead of dealing with them. Whether it is online shopping, or partying day after day, hard-earned money gets spent without us being aware of the real circumstances.

  • My Method

    When discussing money, there are many issues that can be approached. One of them is the issue of denial, which most people experience at a certain moment. Through well-thought metaphors and real stories, we will analyze the mistakes and decisions that get us in an undesired position around money. Also, we will work on limiting the expenses that we don’t agree with, but we make anyway, such as supporting other people. Furthermore, we will focus on the steps that need to be taken in order to gain awareness and limit our spendings to things that we really need and want.

  • What I expect

    Very often we are not aware of how much our daily habits, good or bad, are costing us. Whether it is a latte or a few drinks after work, these little things add up to huge amounts in the long run. That is why I want you to take a step back and figure out what you want to experience around money. Keep a log of your expenses for at least one week so you can see clearly what you should and what you shouldn’t spend money on.

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