With a little guidance, a lot of intention, creativity and action, this journey we call life can be fascinating!

Life Coach

I often share with those who ask that the word "Life Coach" is simply a user-friendly way of communicating that I guide people in both their personal lives and careers. That said, I have well over 40,000 hours of experience coaching clients as a licensed psychologist and sports psychologist. Having worked with a huge range of athletes, entrepreneurs, and business people from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds, I bring a vast amount of experience, insight, and expertise into my work. As a result, I wholeheartedly believe that you will either have an amazing expierence with me - learning an immense amount about yourself and others in the process - or you will work with someone else. Without sounding too immodest, I have a huge skill set, an intutive and engaging interpersonal style, and a tremendous passion to assist!

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Psychotherapy is more of an art than a science. It takes skill, caring, intelligence, common sense, creativity, and something intangible that I often refer to as intuition. Having done countless hours of psychotherapy in my lifetime, I've learned to "feel" my way through the process of assisting others. Just as the best athletes hone and develop their instincts in whatever sport they play, the best therapists use their experience and intuition to guide them to what clients need the most.

Working with people and making a dramatic difference in their lives is extremely gratifying. This is why I chose to study psychology and create a private practice. To make a real difference, the therapist must understand the nature of their client's dilemma. Essentially, most people want to feel good, be happy, and prosper. The reality, however, is that happiness, most often, must be learned later in ilfe. Because of past conditioning, trauma, and sometimes genetic history, too many of us feel that despite material success, happiness is elusive. The REALITY is this is not true. With the right guidance, enough desire, and focused action, the possibilities are practically limitless! 


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Sports Psychologist

With dedication, passion, and purpose, Dr. Brett, Sports Psychologist, avid golfer and good athlete, assists a wide range of competitive athletes such as golfers, runners, gymnasts, dancers, soccer, hockey, football, basketball and baseball players to perform at much higher levels and to achieve their dreams and goals. His commitment to excellence and expertise with the mental game has had a huge impact on their success over time. Teaching athletes to understand process versus outcome and to constantly focus on the fairway, a metaphor for what you want in life, business, and sports, and to systematically eliminate the dramas and distractions is essential. His work with athletes also involves a great deal of teaching on meditation and mindfulness, the basis for present moment awareness, the magic of success. Athletes improve their performance significantly by learning to focus and concentrate better, manage their emotional states more effectively, become mentally tougher, improve their self-confidence, learn greater self-sufficiency, and to eliminate self-sabotage, the mental and emotional killer of success. With over 40,000 hours of experience as a Sports Psychologist, Life Coach, Business Coach, and Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Brett consistently brings a creative and diverse A-game to his coaching process. 



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Business Coach

Leadership is both an art and a skill. Great leaders know when and how to connect, motivate, challenge, and support others. They build an effective team based on who they are as people. Thus, the more congruent, trustworthy, focused, and real you are as a person, the better you will do as a leader. I challenge executives and entrepreurs to develop outstanding communication skills, to avoid nothing, and to inspire others to constantly learn, grow, and improve. Communication and congruency are the key. I often tell people that I am a mega communicater type! In other words, I practice what I preach.  I love to inspire others to build an amazing team around them because life and business are a lot more fun, effective, and rewarding when you do so!

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