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  • Description

    This video focuses on the many ways in which lack of communication can negatively impact our professional life. Very often, we refrain from talking about a difficult situation or relationship and as a result, our self-image, work relationships, and even our jobs have to suffer the consequences. These two work-related stories that the video revolves around, point out the high significance of process communication, of learning what kind of avoidance or anxiety is holding us back, and shows how important it is to communicate despite our fears.

  • My Method

    Usually, the aspects that concern us the most about communication turn out to be insignificant, once we start talking. The truth is, they were meaningless from the beginning. Escaping communication can only have an unfavorable outcome, and the more we delay it, the more our fears grow. An effective tool in learning why we are not getting through to people is process communication. In this video we will concentrate on the changes that need to be made in order to become a pro-active communicator, but also on how to make yourself heard using process communication.

  • What I expect

    I want you to examine the areas of your life – not only your job- where you are not communicating and make the communication anyway. What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing! Fear and avoidance get in the way of communication, but not knowing how to do it can also be an issue. Choose process communication instead of nagging! This will open new doors for you and help you understand what’s keeping you from communicating effectively.

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