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  • Description

    Emotional closeness stands at the core of intimacy, but creating it can be quite a challenge, as it means we need to allow ourselves to be emotionally vulnerable. And that’s not an easy thing to do, especially if we grew up in environments where displays of self-expression, self-awareness, and great communication didn’t exist. This video explains the role of intimacy in our lives, and emphasizes the benefits that becoming better at intimacy has to offer, in contrast to the struggles and negative behaviors that block it and keep us from being real and honest.

  • My Method

    For many of us intimacy is often a lot of work. Whether we have been raised in settings that didn’t put much value on creating emotional closeness, or we find ourselves being absorbed by every day activities, we usually adopt, voluntarily or not, attitudes that cut off intimacy. This video will help us identify the killers of intimacy and comprehend why we choose to keep people at a distance instead of opening up to the people we care about. Together, we will work on creating an environment of emotional safety in order to put an end to the challenges that intimacy brings.

  • What I expect

    We avoid intimacy because we are afraid of getting hurt, of being rejected, of losing someone we love. However, while this may keep us protected it also keeps us from experiencing the joy of having someone with whom to share our success. Let yourself be vulnerable! Be the type of person that invites others to open up and be real! Create a setting of emotional safety by letting go of criticism and judgment.

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