If you learn how to avoid nothing, be as present as possible, and live with bang-up integrity, you have the foundation for a great life!


Psychotherapy is more of an art than a science. It takes skill, caring, intelligence, common sense, creativity, and something intangible that I often refer to as intuition. I have done countless hours of psychotherapy in my lifetime and have learned how to feel my way through a session. Just as the best athletes develop feel in whatever sport they play, the best therapists use their intuition to guide them to what clients most need each week.

Working with people and making a dramatic difference in their lives is very gratifying. This is why I chose to study psychology and work with people. To make a real difference, the therapist must understand the nature of someone's dilemma. In the final analysis, most people just want to feel good, be happy, and prosper. The reality is that happiness is often something we must learn. Because of past conditioning, many of us feel that both success and happiness are unattainable. The REALITY is this is not true. With the right guidance, enough desire, and focused action, the possibilities are practically limitless! 

My Method

The essence of psychotherapy is change. Gradually, people learn to shift their relationship to themselves and others. Change can take many forms. Sometimes, it can mean giving up self- sabotaging habits like overeating, excessive online shopping, or too much television use. Other times, psychotherapy can lead to greater self-esteem, better self-expression and more personal power!

Addressing negative habits, limiting beliefs, and poor communication is fundamental to success in life and business. Overt time, I teach people how to unhook from fear, take effective action and learn how to communicate with themselves and others with grace, ease, and awareness.

Psychologist Candidates

If you desire to increase your confidence, self-esteem, and personal power, then you are a great candidate for psychotherapy. In the process, you will learn how to motivate yourself more effectively, discover your unique talents, and live with greater passion. You will also learn new skills to de-stress, understand and accept yourself, and navigate change better. In essence, you will create more fulfillment, balance, and success in your life. 

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