There are an endless amount of possibilities in life. The key is to decide what you want to experience, systematically eliminate the dramas and distractions, and then focus until you have the results you want!


Life coaching is the art of bringing out the best in others by supporting and guiding them to move through the blocks and obstacles to true success. Having done over 40,000 hours of work as a licensed psychologist with clients of many different backgrounds, ages, and problems, I bring a level of “knowing” that is profound. Whether helping others learn, grow, improve, create, and/or let go, I use a combination of experience and intuition gleaned from all those hours. 

My Method

The essence of my coaching is to assist others to move through fear and into action! Most people usually have some level of fear around intimacy, ​money, health, success, or any combination thereof. Typically, I begin by assessing both one’s level of fear and their desire to overcome it. Having sufficient desire is fundamental for success in any creation process. This is especially true if you are depressed. Without enough desire, people often fail because they may not be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. We then address whatever people are avoiding or not expressing. Most of us are hung up somewhere in this area. Learning to eventually Avoid Nothing is an amazing way to do life and business!

Learning to Honor Yourself and live with Bang-Up Integrity are also fundamental principles to a successful life. The more we learn to do what feels right and to avoid action that is guided by guilt and fear, the better our decision making becomes. Integrity is the essence of how we communicate who we truly are to others. If we take short-cuts in life and business or skirt our way around the truth eventually we pay a significant price for such behavior.

I gradually teach everyone to be more Present. Being present means to live in the here and now as much as possible. It means to experience life more and more from the Heart not the Head. The Head is never present. It is a world of what if, not enough, and what could have been. The Heart is the world of success, creativity, and passion! 

Life Coach Candidates

If you desire to increase your confidence, self-esteem, and personal power then you are a great candidate for my coaching program. In the process, you will learn how to motivate yourself more effectively, discover your unique talents, and live with greater passion. You will also learn new skills to de-stress, understand and accept yourself, and navigate change better. In essence, you will create more fulfillment, balance, and success in your life.

The greatest athletes in the world all rely upon the help of a coach to elevate their game. Are you ready to take your game to another level? 

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