The essence of great leadership is to do two things well: to connect deeply and to challenge your team to deliver at a level they never thought possible!


Your ability to lead and motivate your team is fundamental to your success as a manager. We lead others from the core of who we are. Thus, if we are congruent, trustworthy, focused, and real, others will learn from us and develop those qualities themselves. By contrast, if we are uptight, tense and rigid, so too will those who work for us become. Great leaders recognize the importance of continually supporting and consistently challenging their people to improve and grow. Great leaders also value truth, honesty, and great communication. Without bang-up communcation your effectiveness as a leader is compromised. Thus, self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-expression are essential qualities and must be continually developed!

My Method

I assist managers and business leaders by teaching self- awareness, outstanding communication, emotional flexibility, and mental discipline. In essence, great leaders must do two things well; connect deeply and challenge others effectively. They must also recognize the importance of creating an atmosphere of trust. A leader who challenges his people but doesn't have a strong connection creates an atmosphere of fear. This is very problematic over time. A leader who connects deeply with his people but does not challenge them enough is too soft and thus will never get the most out of his employees. 

Together, we will explore your leadership style and work environment, review your perceptions, attitudes and beliefs, and leverage your strengths while addressing areas of weakness. I will help you create and maintain strong relationships by developing greater relational awareness and flexibility. We will help you focus your energy to obtain a clear vision of what is needed to achieve your goals, regardless of the obstacles. 

Business Consultant Candidates

Leaders who are already decent and want to learn what it takes to become great. Talented managers who sometimes struggle with different aspects of communication such as assertiveness, congruency and clarity. Women who struggle defining themselves in their organization and want to break through to the next level. Less experienced managers whose development is nevertheless important. Employees and managers who are experiencing creative fatigue and burnout. Established employees who resist change.

Remember, the best in any business surround themselves by great people, get the best coaching, and are themselves highly coachable. 

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