With a little guidance, a lot of intention, creativity and action, this journey we call life can be really fun!

Life Coach

Life coaching is the art of bringing out the best in others by supporting and guiding them to move through the blocks and obstacles to true success. Having spent 30,000 plus hours coaching others as a licensed psychologist with clients of many different backgrounds, ages, and problems, I bring a level of experience and insight to my work that is profound. Whether helping others learn, grow, improve, create, and/or let go, I combine that experience and intuition with a fluid interpersonal style!


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Psychotherapy is more of an art than a science. It takes skill, caring, intelligence, common sense, creativity, and something intangible that I often refer to as intuition. I have done countless hours of psychotherapy in my lifetime and have learned how to feel my way through a session. Just as the best athletes develop feel in whatever sport they play, the best therapists use their intuition to guide them to what clients need most each week.

Working with people and making a dramatic difference in their lives is very gratifying. This is why I chose to study psychology and create a private practice. To make a real difference, the therapist must understand the nature of their client's dilemma. Essentially, most people want to feel good, be happy, and prosper. The reality, however, is that happiness is often something we must learn. Because of past conditioning and sometimes genetic history, too many of us feel that both success and happiness are unattainable. The REALITY is this is not true. With the right guidance, enough desire, and focused action, the possibilities are practically limitless! 


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Sports Psychologist

Working with athletes is a natural extension of who I am and what I do. As a child and adolescent, I grew up primarily playing baseball and basketball, though any sport involving hand-eye coordination was fun. At age 10, my identical twin brother and I were good enough at tennis to be asked by professionals to focus on it exclusively. We chose otherwise. Not having the size to be a consistent starter at shortstop on the varsity baseball team, I began playing golf instead. At age 18, I took ten golf lessons. At age 40, I took three more lessons. The rest of my game is entirely self-taught. I am currently a four handicap golfer playing twice a week in the summer months, rarely having time to practive the physical game. Nevertheless, I have steadily improved every aspect of my play by focusing on the mental game.  I use meditation and mindfulness techniques to play at a relatively high level and more importantly to teach others, especially great athletes!

Over the past decade, I have taught dozens of adolescents and young adults with little or no experience to play golf well and to love the sport. I have helped talented golfers excel largely through teaching aspects of the mental game that are rarely taught to most athletes. I have worked with baseball players, football players, tennis players, and even competitive dancers. Regardless of the sport, athletes can improve their performance significantly by learning to focus and concentrate better, manage their emotional states more effectively, become tougher mentally, improve their self-confidence, learn greater self-sufficiency, and especially to eliminate drama!


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Business Consultant

Leadership is both an art and a skill. Great leaders know when and how to connect, motivate, challenge, and support others. They buiild an effective team based on who they are as people. Thus, the more congruent, trustworthy, focused, and real you are as a person the better you will do as a leader. I challenge executives and entrepreurs to develop outstanding communication skills, to avoid nothing, and to inspire others to constantly learn, grow, and improve. Communication and congruency are the key. I often tell people that I am a mega communicater type! In other words, I practice what I preach.  I love to inspire others to build an amazing team around them because life and business are a lot more fun, effective, and rewarding when you do so!

Guiding executives and entrepreneurs often means helping them develop greater self-awareness and self-discipline too. A lot of people, especially driven business people, struggle with some form of addiction. Alcohol, drugs, porn, food, internet, work are just a few. Developing greater balance and freeing oneself from addiction are essential aspects to improving your leadership skills, your life, and to creating and sustaining a productive team.

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