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Top 50 Golf Fitness Instructor: Branon Gaydorus

in Life Coach

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas with your loved ones! This week, I want to introduce you to Brandon Gaydorus. a Golf Digest Top 50 Golf-Fitness Trainer as well as a personal trainer and coach who holds a masters degree in Exercise Science.

Credentials aside, Brandon is an awesome guy who really enjoys the fitness part of the game. In this episode, we get a small glimpse of the path he was able to create for himself to get to where he is today.

Playing golf in college, Brandon ended up falling in love with the fitness aspect of the game. He started training people his Sophomore year and hasn't looked back since.

Brandon’s passion is inspiring. Being excited about what you do, as we all know, will lead to far greater success and fulfillment in both your personal life and career.