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What is the secret to traveling?

in Life Coach

Hey Dr. Brett Here

I wanted to let you in on the key to traveling all over the world, and still maintaining your peace.  Whenever I have someone in my circle who I feel lacks perspective, I encourage them to live internationally. 

Living in a different place will open your eyes and mind to how different life is for everyone, but it does sound kind of scary right? Well, It doesn't have to be.

The key to living and traveling internationally is to do it with integrity. 99% of people when they travel international, are looking for a fresh start or to reinvent themselves. 

There's absolutely nothing wrong with changing your environment and getting away and starting fresh, but you don't have to lie about who you are in doing so. 

When we live life with integrity, it doesn't actually matter where we travel to, because anywhere we go, we will have peace.