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What Personality & Character Are You?

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On Open Door with Dr. Brett, Dr. Brett and his buddy Tristan speak about:

- How environments matter
- Being stuck
- Fixing aspects of your character that seem to be set in stone
- Putting others or yourself under stress
- Co-dependency
- Moving in with someone too soon
- Personal growth
- Intimacy
- Getting out of your comfort zone
- Not having fear around losing one's identity
- Racism
- Choosing to change your environment to one that doesn't accept your character
- Reinforcements and Enablers
- Intimacy
- Building a strong team around you
- Athletes, team strengths and weaknesses
- Golf can be treated as an individual sport or a team sport, depending on how one views it. The positives and negatives to both approaches.
- How to take the pressure off of self
- How to build your own team
- How to enjoy your sport's career
- Timing in sports, mentoring, sports psychology, and relationships
- Being hyper flexible and adaptable

References used in the show:

1. American History X (Racism and White Supremacy)
2. The Forgiven & Desmond Tutu
3. Joe Rogan (UFC training running up sand dunes)
4. Tulsi Gabbard
5. Elizabeth Gilbert talking about Ruth Stone
6. Mike Tyson and Cus D'Amato


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