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Using intuition to make great decisions in life

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Dr. Brett discusses the importance of intuition both on a personal and professional plan. It is not always easy to make the decision to quit or to keep going. When things get difficult and you don't know what path to take, Dr. Brett advises that you always listen to your intuition, because deep inside you know what the right thing to do is. Be more present, focused, and pay attention to your feelings and thoughts in order to get a clearer idea of what your next move should be.

Video Transcription:

Hi, Dr. Brett here. How do we know when to stop doing something (in other words, quit), and when to keep going, right? (when to persevere). Because there are times in life (let's just say the stock market goes down, and it keeps going down) when we have to stop playing, right? Because we're getting killed; we're getting hurt by continuing to play when we should be taking a break or quitting, right? And there are other times in life when we've got to keep going, right? We're building a business, it's not successful yet, but we know it's going to be; we just have to tweak a few things, and we can't let ourselves get down. So how can we make that distinction between when we need to walk away, and when we need to keep going, no matter what? Well, inside all of us is our own internal guidance system -- our own intuition, and if we develop that intuition by paying attention -- paying attention to our thoughts, to our feelings, to the subtleties of life. The more present we get, and the more we pay attention, and the more here and now we are, the more we can listen to our intuition. And our intuition knows that we've just got to keep going no matter what, or this is just not going to work out, and we need to move on; it's a business that's going to fail, and there's no reason to stick it out for another six months or a year and lose our shirts; we've got to cut our losses and walk away. So we're always faced with those choices and options in life, and the more intuitive we get, the more we're going to know. Dr. Brett, psychologist, consultant, and coach

Dr. Brett, Westport Psychologist, has over 30,000 hours experience in working with clients.

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