But unlike HBO and “Game of Thrones,” WGN and the Cubs aren’t hyping their final season together after 72 years.,In my first year as Cubs beat writer in 1997, WGN televised 144 games.,The following January, the Cubs owners — Tribune Co. — decided to reduce the WGN schedule to 92 games, placing 62 games on CLTV, the company’s local cable news channel.,Fans gradually grew accustomed to watching more games on cable, and in 2003 the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks began their own sports channel, Comcast SportsNet Chicago, which is now NBC Sports Chicago.,WGN will televise the Cubs' season opener — likely for the last time »

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You don’t think the Cubs are now turning to Ken Ravizza, one of the pioneers of mental skill coaching, after striking out a National League record 58 times in their first five games?, Bohling, whose title originally was director of optimal performance, is now beginning his 14th season with the Yankees, and leads a staff of five mental skills coaches in the organization., Tewksbury, a former pitcher who won 110 games in his 13-year career, is baseball’s lone mental skills coach with a master’s degree in psychology who also played in the big leagues., He grew up in an era when players were afraid to be seen talking to a sports psychologist, and now has written a book detailing his work: “Ninety Percent Mental: An All-Star Player Turned Mental Skills Coach Reveals the Hidden Game of Baseball.’’, Just ask the Cubs, who established their mental skills program before the 2015 season still credit right fielder Jason Heyward’s speech during the rain delay in Game 7 against Cleveland to help end their 108-year championship drought.