Anything before 2018 feels like an eternity, but 2006 — the year Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen’s nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. debuted — is difficult to metabolize as being over a decade behind us.,nextwave is an eccentric choice for a look back at a period of intense productivity in Warren Ellis’ career, but it stands out both as a fascinating example of how comics talk to and about themselves as well one of the only projects of the era that Ellis saw through to the end.,In the midst of all this, the work that would redefine Ellis’ legacy for the next decade and likely be categorized as the second act of his career, nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. landed like a bomb.,Some of his choices for the team, like Jack Kirby also-ran Aaron “Machine Man” Stack or Lara Croft knock off Elsa Bloodstone, read like benign indulgences of Ellis’ most typical instincts, but former Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau and X-Force alumni Tabby “Boom Boom” Smith stand out from the perch of 2019.,Whereas Ellis has typically been blunt in articulating the central theses of his work, either within the comics themselves or in interviews and promotional material, the entire point of nextwave is revealed in a far more oblique way typical of Grant Morrison.

Illinois State Police documents show that the agency frequently assigns troopers to escort sports teams, musicians and even filmmakers across the congested roadways of greater Chicago.,Illinois State Police wouldn’t comment on the trip, so the Tribune made a public records request for all police escort contracts in 2018.,Though critics have called police escorts for sports teams a frivolous and potentially dangerous use of public resources, state police defend them as a way to provide “safety and security for all those involved in the motorcade as well as for the motoring public.”,The contracts show that visiting NFL teams routinely receive police escorts to and from the airport, hotels and Soldier Field.,College football teams are also major customers: Northwestern University had a standing order for police escorts between its team hotel and Ryan Field on game days, and the University of Illinois paid for the service when it played at Soldier Field in September.

Steph Curry, Tom Brady, Cam Newton and Bryce Harper all wear the UAA logo, but that star-power wasn’t able to prevent company sales from declining 12% in Q3 ’17; nor has it helped to attract teens to the brand.,Fan Marino: Adidas CEO attributes Mark King attributes UAA’s lack of success capitalizing on endorsement deals to the “milquetoast” personalities of their athletes (i.e. Brady, Spieth); while pointing out that ADDYY athletes “Carlos Correa and James Harden have personality”.,Papa John’s Blames NFL for “Polarizing Customer”, Pizza Hut Says NFL Has No Impact on Business

Papa John’s Pizza slashed full-year revenue and profit forecasts and blamed same store sales missing analyst estimates, on the company’s association with the NFL.,Kohl’s (KSS) is said to be working with the league on a holiday ad campaign, Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) recently went on the record stating that they do not anticipate any decline in key sales figures because of their relationship with the NFL and Pizza Hut (YUM) CEO Greg Creed said the company isn’t seeing any impact on their business.,Howie Long Short: Activision Blizzard (ATVI) reported a Q3 record with $1.9 billion in revenue generated (+17% YOY) and the company raised full-year revenue guidance from $6.4 billion to $6.68 billion ($2.08/share); crediting the growth to the success of September’s Destiny 2 launch and the King mobile games division (i.e. Candy Crush Saga), which reported growth for the first time since Q1 ‘16. read more