Finally, it creates redundancy that leads to a more robust work architecture that helps us spread knowledge and do things in a way that other people on the team can pick up if necessary.,Diversity in culture, gender, age, academics, technical discipline, and expertise creates a platform for real innovation that is critical to the safe, efficient, and profitable development of hydrocarbon-based energy.,With all of this diversity, “soft skills”—social and emotional intelligence, a positive and flexible attitude, and communication skills—are crucial to helping people navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals.,My community is deep and wide, and it includes people of all ages and walks of life, and from different disciplines, industries, geographies, races, cultures, and genders.,From the very first wells to today and into the foreseeable future, petroleum engineers have, and will continue, to “do the impossible” by inventing and applying technologies and methodologies that make oil and gas the safe, low-cost energy source that dri

It has inspired the name of a new research project that nearly two dozen teenage boys in the Milwaukee County Accountability Program (MCAP) at Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center began last month.,And perhaps most importantly, as their research begins, students will write to community leaders who can help them answer their research questions and bridge the gap between the inside of Vel R. Phillips and the communities they’ve left behind temporarily.,Civics teacher Rob Kalpinski and Map Your World’s Doug Baisley worked together to have students research influential Black historical figures during Black History Month and present their findings on posters to members of the school district.,Baisley and the Civics team had created resource folders for individual students and begun filling them with articles; they had also recently had them finish mapping community assets in their home ZIP Codes; and since then students have written, revised, and sent letters to many of those community assets, inviting them to visit Vel R. Phillips and share their wisdom.,Dean Heus, the other principal of Vel R. Phillips School, witnesses how students grow in maturity: “This is due to the efforts of the students themselves, families, Running Rebels, county supports and other helpful people like our educators.

Earl Warren, of Fort Dodge, was shopping at the Key on Central Friday afternoon when he heard loud banging noises from across the street.,When he looked outside, he was among the first to notice a section of the building at 1031 Central Ave. leaning out.,The tilting section of the wall fell in three large chunks shortly before 2:40 p.m., raining bricks, dust, mortar and bits of wood down onto the sidewalk and into 11th Street.,Fierke said Friday afternoon that the building owner is responsible for removing any part of the building that is in imminent danger of of falling down.,As he surveyed the fallen bricks Friday afternoon, he remained grateful it wasn’t worse.

For the second time in the span of a little more than a week, internet outages involving different service providers have wreaked havoc across the country for people trying to do business or enjoy some entertainment.,In Northwest Montana, Spectrum customers were once again dealing with outages Friday and into Saturday.,As a result, the Inter Lake has been unable to accept customer service phone calls regarding delivery of the Saturday edition.,Acording to an Associated Press report Friday, CenturyLink said engineers identified a problem that left customers across the country without internet service and expected to restore it within hours.,The outages reported Thursday afternoon stretched from New York to California and even temporarily shut down phone services at the Idaho Department of Correction and knocked out 911 emergency call services in parts of western Washington state.