Wellness programs that encourage employees to set specific goals that embody their personal or intrinsic motivation will have better results.,Having a mission statement is a great way to clarify the intentions of your employee wellness program.,Here is a breakout of some the opportunities for U.S. Adobe employees:

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Ana Maes, co-founder of Our Story BridalLara Alcantara

When Lulu Curiel and Ana Luisa Maes enrolled to study engineering at Boston University, they didn’t realize that they would also be signing up for a now 18 year peer mentorship relationship.,Both Curiel and Maes have been intentional in using their relationship as a compass as they built their own businesses.,“We have [our peer mentorship relationship] work because we are committed to helping each other.”,Now, Curiel and Maes hope to encourage other Latinas to embrace peer mentorship and lean on their communities while they work to build their own careers.,Vivian Nunez: What advice do you have for other Latinas who are looking for mentorship or turning to their friends for guidance? read more

Think of these things as a minimum standard to looking after your people – their wellbeing – but don’t count on them to drive higher performance, engagement and employee retention – the latter requires a long-term investment in your people, and a fuller understanding of the deeper drivers of human motivation.,Focusing on Employee Confidence, rather than Employee Engagement, leapfrogs old Employee Engagement models, because when confidence is there, engagement is a given and confidence is the key to high performance.,The sports world has known this for years, with confidence a daily topic on the lips of every high performing sports person, knowing that it is the difference that makes the difference – the key to that extra ounce of performance when standards are already impossibly high.,Employee Confidence is a long-term opportunity for your business, but there are three steps you as a CEO can take today to make it a reality – three steps that might just stop one of your high-performers from resigning this week, or get you one more high performer through your company doors:

Employee Confidence is a long-term approach to Employee Engagement, and that’s where the beauty lies.,Employee Confidence is both the mechanism for, and evidence of, culture change, because culture change is exactly what you require to take your Employee Engagement to a whole  new level and retain your best talent. read more

Emotionally intelligent people spend less time in pointless conflict and more time building teams.,EI consists of the following four components:

As you can see, since emotional intelligence is linked to internal motivation and relationships, it's integral to success.,Here are seven reasons why emotional intelligence is the key to productivity.,Self-awareness is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence -- studies show that those with higher emotional intelligence are often more self-aware.,At the same time, self awareness will lead you to sharpen your existing skills so that you can complete important tasks much faster and easier. read more

Looking to get fit?From a one-day conference on the business of golf at the Genesis Open to goat yoga, there's plenty to do when it comes to sports and fitness activities coming up in Los Angeles this week.,---Days before the Genesis Open welcomes the PGA Tour, the Riviera Country Club will host "The Business of Golf" one-day conference.,The ticket price includes a general admission ticket to attend the Genesis Open.Tuesday, February 12, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.Riviera Country Club, 1250 Capri Drive$100Fitbit Local ambassadors Blake Raymond and Elise Joan lead a Valentine's weekend hike around Runyon Canyon.,Participants will meet inside the gate at the base of Runyon Canyon to check in.,Bring a hat, a water bottle and sunscreen and enjoy a beautiful start to your weekend.Saturday, February 16, noon-1 p.m.Runyon Canyon Park, 2000 N. Fuller Ave. (Meet at the base of Runyon Canyon at the top of Fuller Ave. inside the gate.)

Storley enters Friday’s fight with a 9-0 record, four of those wins coming as a part of Bellator.,Q: You’ve won all four fights you’ve had in Bellator.,I’d say a lot of my success is due to the work ethic that I got while involved in wrestling in high school and college.,Q: How much, if at all, different is it training for a wrestling match than an MMA fight?,Q: What advice would you give to wrestlers who are possibly thinking of a career in MMA?

Step One: Understand Your Priorities When Setting Goals

You’ve probably been told in the past to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) goals.,By textbook standards, it’s a great goal, but it skips one critical step — it doesn’t consider your other priorities in life.,If you’re the owner of a company with 200 employees; highly involved in your community; have young children; and travel several times a month for work, your priorities might look like this: 1.,Health and fitness read more

In sports, extrinsic motivation is when an athlete is motivated by rewards such as money, objects, attention and fame.,In sports, intrinsic motivation is when an athlete is motivated to be the best they can be simply because they want to see what they're truly capable of.,While many athletes' motivation are a mix of extrinsic and intrinsic, and certain extrinsic motivations can increase intrinsic motivation, a significant amount of intrinsic motivation is present in the vast majority of high-achieving athletes.,The Association for Applied Sport Psychology says athletes who are mainly intrinsically motivated generally see less changes in motivation over time, are less distracted, exhibit better focus, and experience less stress when mistakes are made compared to athletes who are mainly extrinsically motivated.,Staying motivated is a constant challenge, but remembering your "why" behind your actions and setting goals (both short- and long-term) will keep you waking up at 5 a.m. for workouts, staying late after practice to run more sprints, or doing more reps than what's required in the weight room and practice.

Playing sports was always an integral part of my existence and unfortunately, in a big city, I found it tough to gather people to play a sport.,I had never participated in a race but it was on my bucket list to do a full marathon.,Training and completing the full marathon at the age of 24 has probably been my biggest achievement in life.,I really enjoy running in the adidas Ultra Boost and I am looking forward to wearing the new 2019 Ultra Boost shoes in my coming races.,It’s my mission to convert non-runners into runners and I hope there comes a time, where instead of staying let’s catch up for a drink people will start saying let’s catch up for a run!Saiyami has run in the previous silhouette of the Ultraboost shoe from adidas and strongly recommends the new UltraBoost 19 to all serious runners across the globe for their running journeys.