With a natural ability to lead, you would never know that this professional keeper is only 16-years-old and just signed a contract with Orange County Soccer Club.,“I coached in the academy level, I’ve coached youth soccer and now all the way up to the professional ranks and there’s a tremendous amount of talent out here.,Orange County is home to some of the ripest soccer talent in the country.,They are signing kids like Cervantes to contracts and fostering an environment where that talent can develop.,It is the equivalent of the minor leagues of Major League Soccer and is becoming a big ticket with homegrown talent.

At the age of 25, Tara Campbell is making a major name for herself in California politics.After serving two years on the Yorba Linda City Council, her peers unanimously elected her mayor, making her the youngest female mayor in the state.,"This is my hometown, so to be able to have the opportunity to give back to the community that has given so much to me is the greatest honor," Campbell said.Campbell grew up in Yorba Linda playing sports and participating in Girl Scouts.,Campbell launched the first social media sites for the city and updated its website.,She wants to make it easier for the people she represents to reach her and the council.She's also excited about the ongoing construction of the Yorba Linda Town Center, which will bring retail, entertainment and restaurants to the city.,"Actually, it's been 28 years in the making so we're very excited to welcome all those new businesses because that'll obviously bring in sales tax revenue," Campbell said.According to Rutgers University, 21.8 percent of mayors in cities of more than 300,000 people are women as of March.

Associations in different sports across the country are bleeding participation numbers, like B.C. Soccer, which said its enrolment fell seven per cent from last year., “(Parents) are aspiring for their kids to reach that really, really high plateau, when what they should be doing is just loving watching them play, and encouraging them to try as many sports as they can,” said Delta’s Glen Mulcahy, who started Paradigm Sports, a resource for coaches and parents, about five years ago., Playing multiple sports provides a physical literacy, a base of fundamental movement that crosses sports and prevents overuse injuries when the body is still too young to handle those repetitive motions., One local physiotherapist at a large athlete development centre has a 14-year-old in elite sports, who trains nearly the entire year round, obsessing over the data and information that comes with wearable technology., The summer after the Team B.C. player spent a month in an air cast, and a summer before she was to attend the Point Grey campus, Lalonde blew out the same knee — her ACL, MCL and meniscus, for the second time — and spent her first two weeks at UBC rolling around campus in a wheelchair.