Research reveals that actually, daily workplace experiences impact job satisfaction.,[i] They began by recognizing prior research establishing self-determination theory (SDT), which holds that the satisfaction of basic psychological needs such as competence, relatedness, and autonomy in a workplace setting creates the foundation for commitment, as well as autonomous (which is the opposite of controlled) regulation, or intrinsic motivation, which boosts a feeling of well-being.,They believed that employees who are strongly committed to their jobs would be more likely to feel autonomous regulation or intrinsic motivation at work, which would likely to translate into flow experiences.,They further adopted a definition of work engagement as synonymous with concepts such as "employee engagement, job engagement, role engagement, or personal engagement.",Your Job as Your Home Away From Home

Given the significant amount of time people spend on the job, this research seems to suggest that workplace structure can indeed contribute to satisfaction, and that a positive workplace experience involves much more than merely going through the motions. read more

On January 12, investigators say the body of 65-year-old Michael Redlick was discovered inside the Winter Park home that he shared with his wife, 45-year-old Danielle Justin Redlick.,On the same day that the investigation into Michael Redlick's death had begun, police learned that Danielle Redlick violated a probation rquirement that she abstain from alcohol.,According to a police report, Danielle Redlick first told authorities that her husband may have had a fatal heart attack, but she later told them he had stabbed himself.,Police say she also admitted that she and her husband were the only two people at their home at the reported time of her husband's death.,Court records show that Danielle Redlick filed for divorce from her husband last March, but she later withdrew and they never got divorced.

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — The security guard who police say killed a suspected shoplifter at a Hollywood pharmacy has been charged with murder, prosecutors announced Monday.,Police say Ciota opened fire inside the Walgreens at Sunset Vine back on December 2nd after getting into a fight with the man he suspected of shoplifting.,Prosecutors say he shot 21-year-old Jonathan Hart in the back as he ran away.,Those friends told CBS2 that Hart was not shoplifting prior to the altercation.,Hart’s family has filed a $525 million lawsuit against Walgreens, saying Hart was targeted and that the pharmacy chain’s security policies contributed to his death.

Liam Michael Lawlor, 19, of 493 Fairfield Drive, was charged Thursday night by Greeneville police with underage consumption of alcohol and criminal littering.,Lawlor told officers he drank “eight or nine” beers and an empty beer can and trash was found outside the vehicle in which he was sitting, the report said.,Lawlor was one of three teenagers who accompanied Zachary T. Blanchard out of state, launching a manhunt in the aftermath of the April 2, 2014, shooting death of Robert J. Blanchard, Zachary’s father, on the family’s Snapps Ferry Road property.,Zachary Blanchard, Lawlor, then 15, and the other two teenagers were taken into custody in South Carolina soon after the shooting.,Lawlor was 16 when he was placed in state custody in November 2014, after having earlier being found guilty in Greene County Juvenile Court to being an accessory after the fact to first-degree murder and theft over $1,000.

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Nearly two years later, Corey Kiefer and Jacob Zamora, both 24, pleaded no contest to felony vehicular manslaughter and were sentenced to six years in prison, the maximum term.Jacob Zamora, right, and Corey Kiefer appear in Norwalk court, where they pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter for their involvement in a December 2016 street race that left Natalie Volkoff dead.Since 2009, authorities in Los Angeles County have made arrests in more than half the cases where street racing was suspected in a fatal car crash.,"Our court system isn't going to care until more people start to die," said an LAPD police investigator who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly about the issue.In Los Angeles County, where authorities say that street racing is on the rise, at least 179 people died in suspected incidents from 2000 to 2017, according to the Times analysis.Late last year, street racing was suspected in a crash in Northridge that killed four people when a 20-year-old lost control of a BMW and crashed into a tree.,The death toll has extended to 2018, including an incident in which a man was killed and a woman seriously injured when their sport utility vehicle was struck by a car involved in a street race near downtown in July, police said.Some families that have lost relatives feel robbed that criminal cases started out with a murder charge and ended with what they see as a slap on the wrist.A 2010 collision between two vehicles racing through Long Beach left four people dead, including 32-year-old Candace Ann Bustamante.The driver of the vehicle that smashed into Bustamante, Denis Alberto Reyes, was sentenced to 17 years and eight months in state prison after pleading no contest to four counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.,The California Highway Patrol meanwhile, documented 984 street racing incidents in Los Angeles County in 2017, records show.Los Angeles is the hub of street racing activity in the county, and several investigators said they believed the cases submitted by the LAPD represent just a fraction of the illegal activity taking place on city streets.Much of that driven by popular culture and social media is in the form of organized takeover events, where people use their cars to block off streets or intersections to stage races or stunts that can attract hundreds of onlookers.Three people, including a 15-year-old, were killed in Commerce in 2015 after a car doing doughnuts in the street collided with another vehicle, striking spectators.The low number of racing cases filed by the LAPD is a point of frustration for some investigators tasked with tackling the city's burgeoning street takeover scene.Arresting and prosecuting participants is hampered by the chaotic nature of the events, according to Capt. Andy Neiman, who oversees traffic operations at the LAPD's Valley Bureau.Its very challenging, tactically, to try to control a crowd that is engaged in street racing.,"Earlier this year, the Los Angeles County district attorney's office filed assault charges against seven men who allegedly threw bottles at an LAPD cruiser and tried to stop officers from making arrests at the scene of a South L.A. street takeover.

Ferrucci, who’s been part of the Haas F1 development pipeline for two years, officially got the axe from his Formula 2 team about a week after the phone incident and wreck at the July 8 Formula 2 weekend at Silverstone Circuit in the UK., Ferrucci’s Trident Motorsport race team put out an announcement on his contract termination, saying the decision was influenced by what happened at Silverstone, “as well as by the serious breach” of Ferrucci’s pay obligations to race with the team., The Haas F1 team has yet to take any action in regards to Ferrucci, the team told Jalopnik, and likely won’t until after the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend of July 29., The team announced Ferrucci’s continuing as a development driver there in March, saying he would be “embedded with Haas F1 Team at every opportunity, attending races and tests throughout the year.”, Ferrucci has been in the Haas F1 pipeline since the American team announced him as a development driver early in 2016, and it was mostly welcome news in the U.S.—American drivers historically haven’t gotten many chances in F1.