Wales’s victory over England in Saturday’s Six Nations fixture was a glorious thing: tactically astute, physically superior, shrewd, incisive, perceptive.,In every sense England were out-smarted.

Monday's Canucks-Flyers game in Philadelphia featured a scary moment during the third period that required Vancouver defenseman Alexander Edler be removed on a stretcher.,About halfway through the final period, Edler got his stick lodged in the skate of Flyers forward Jakub Voracek and was dragged to the ice.,Here's a look at the replay:

The situation grew worrisome when Edler remained motionless on the ice for a few moments, but the Canucks' medical staff was able to get him on a stretcher (seated up) and to the locker room for evaluation.,As he was being escorted off the ice, it became clear that a cut had opened up on Edler's face and he was bleeding pretty heavily.,Edler didn't return to the game but he was reportedly able to walk out of the trainer's room under his own power. read more

Many memories of a childhood as my father’s daughter are as lost to me now as they were to my father before he passed; when you spend your early years on the defense, your only focus is to get through the experience, not delight in the moment.,My father’s outbursts were not discussed but “brushed under the rug,” after which life went on without apologies.,But despite his love for the work, he had to scale back his participation in his last 10 years, and was unable to be involved at all for the last 5 years of his life.,Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, caused by a career doing the thing he loved, robbed my father of his life long before he died.,If we can’t end the game, then let’s at least stand firm to change this gladiator-like sport that calls our sons, brothers, husbands and fathers to sacrifice their lives for our passing entertainment.

The Los Angeles Rams’ overtime victory over the New Orleans Saints in the National Football Conference championship on Jan. 20 was arguably the franchise’s biggest moment in nearly two decades.,But it wasn’t even the most-viewed football game in Los Angeles that day.,More Angelinos watched the New England Patriots defeat the Kansas City Chiefs.

Photo: David McNew (Getty) On Thursday morning, Ian David Long walked into a bar in Thousand Oaks, Calif., and killed 12 people with a handgun and injured dozens more before turning the gun on himself.,The Los Angeles Times spoke to Dominique Colell, who was a track coach at Newbury Park High School in 2008 when Long was a senior on the team.,Colell says administrators and other coaches pressured her to allow Long back on the team, telling her it could negatively affect his application to the Marines.,Colell allowed Long to rejoin the track team, she said because she feared it would jeopardize her own prospects for an art teacher position she was seeking.,or ‘keep you in my thoughts’... every time... and wonder why these keep happening...��� Immediately upon accurately predicting exactly what would happen, Long murdered a dozen people.