With a natural ability to lead, you would never know that this professional keeper is only 16-years-old and just signed a contract with Orange County Soccer Club.,“I coached in the academy level, I’ve coached youth soccer and now all the way up to the professional ranks and there’s a tremendous amount of talent out here.,Orange County is home to some of the ripest soccer talent in the country.,They are signing kids like Cervantes to contracts and fostering an environment where that talent can develop.,It is the equivalent of the minor leagues of Major League Soccer and is becoming a big ticket with homegrown talent.

A judge has placed more restrictions on a Newport Beach doctor who is accused of sending sexually motivated messages to local cheerleaders, after he allegedly flew to Florida and made more inappropriate contact with cheerleaders.,The Orange County District Attorney's office said Haller posed as a middle school-aged girl to friend 14-year-old cheerleaders at Newport Harbor High School on social media in 2017.,Prosecutors said before his arrest last year, Haller volunteered for the cheerleading team at the University of California, Irvine and for sports teams at Newport Harbor High School.,Haller's trip to the Florida cheer competition unnerved some of the parents and the coach from the cheerleaders in Newport Beach.,The judge at Thursday's hearing ordered Haller to post a $50,000 in order to leave the courtroom and ordered him to stay away from youth and collegiate cheer competitions, team practices, dance events and collegiate or athletic events at UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach.

That number might sound unimpressive, but consider: Investments in index funds and ETFs have outpaced inflow into actively managed funds in recent years, according to Charles Schwab (SCHW), with Bogle's Vanguard Institutional Index Fund — now $168.22 billion — leading the tidal change.,"Investors have withdrawn $500 billion from actively managed funds (including ETFs) and put $600 billion into index funds over the past five years," Bogle told IBD.,The next year Bogle, influenced greatly by American economists Eugene Fama and Burton Malkiel, both champions of long-term investing, founded the Vanguard 500 Index Fund, the nation's first index mutual fund.,Mark Hebner, president of Irvine, Calif.-based wealth-management firm Index Fund Advisors, references the long run that Bogle's "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing" has enjoyed as the No. 1 investing book on Amazon.com and says the index king's brilliance stems from the simple fact that "markets are efficient.",Bottom line, Bogle believes that index funds will become more popular than actively managed products.

A UC Irvine freshman died over the weekend, resulting in the suspension and investigation of his fraternity, university officials said.Noah Domingo, 18, died after a party at a home off-campus early Saturday, a tragedy that his family and friends fear was linked to drinking too much alcohol.,But Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was suspended and ordered to immediately cease all activity, according to UC Irvine student affairs Vice Chancellor Edgar J. Dormitorio.In an email to the campus community Monday, Dormitorio wrote that officials would collaborate with leaders in the Greek community to help support those affected by the death.We will also closely examine the larger context in which this tragedy occurred, he wrote.,Hes probably one of the sweetest kids, one of the nicest kids willing to help out with anything.Brianna Domingo, 20, said she helped her younger brother adjust to life at UC Irvine, where he sometimes struggled to juggle his coursework and the demands of his fraternity.,Noah Domingo marked on Facebook that he was interested in the event.We, Sigma Alpha Epsilon take pride in being the most selective fraternity at UC Irvine, the event page reads.On Friday night, Noah Domingo had been at a party at the house of a fraternity brother, said Ryan Lee, also a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.,Thats how I feel, and I think thats how a lot of other people feel too.Mike Sophir, chief executive officer of the national chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, said the organization was heartbroken by the death of our UCI brother.Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, and we appreciate the support the university and its staff have provided to students in this difficult time, Sophir said in a statement.At Crescenta Valley High School, Domingos alma mater, news of his death spread among students.Kevin McCollum, who played football with the young man, said Domingo was known to stay away from drugs and alcohol and was a straight-edge student.He was a good team leader, fun, always had good vibes around him, said McCollum, 18.

SANTA ANA (CBSLA) — A suspect in the sexual assault of a woman at a bus bench in Santa Ana was arrested Thursday at his manufacturing job in Irvine, police say.,Nick Alvarez Hernandez, a 27 year-old resident of Santa Ana, was arrested for the attack that happened in the 1000 block of West MacArthur.,Erick Alvarez Hernandez (Photo via Santa Ana Police Department)

The suspect’s number 82 Dallas Cowboys jersey helped police track Hernandez down.,Without the help of the media and the community eventually we would have got this guy, but we got this guy in less than 48 hours,” said Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, Santa Ana Police Department.,Hernandez was caught on security camera halfway between the bar and the bus stop minutes before the attack. read more

IRVINE, Calif. -- Keilani Ricketts was the best player on arguably the best college softball team of all time., But with softball reinstated in the Olympics after a 12-year hiatus, at least for Tokyo in 2020, something dawned on her as she prepared for the WBSC World Championship, which begins Thursday and offers 15 countries their first chance to join host Japan in the Olympic field., And still the defining experience of her time in college might not have been on the field in Norman, Oklahoma, or even up the road in Oklahoma City, home to the Women's College World Series., Fresh out of Oklahoma, Ricketts was the ace of the American team that won silver in the 2012 world championships., But when she joined National Pro Fastpitch in 2013, caught in the middle of the conflict between that league and USA Softball, and soon also signed in the Japanese league with Toyota Shokki, the best hitters in the world proved they can hit anything they know is coming.

Photo: Darren Abate /USL /

Mikey Lopez (with ball) and San Antonio FC remained winless in their past four road matches with Saturday’s 3-0 loss against Orange County FC in Irvine, California., Mikey Lopez (with ball) and San Antonio FC remained winless in their past four road matches with Saturday’s 3-0 loss against Orange County FC in Irvine, California., Photo: Darren Abate /USL / read more

Eleven San Diego County boys are part of a 13-and-under Southern California all-star lacrosse team that will compete for a world championship Monday through Wednesday in Denver., One of Mad Dog West’s top players is 13-year-old attackman/midfielder Ben Beacham of Carlsbad., The other nine San Diego County players are Kiefer Black, Robby Breisch, Beau Hokanson, Dane Jorgensen, Brett Koopman, Jimmy Manley, Cade Conahey, Caden Ada-Tannehill and Beau Rowan., The World Series of Youth Lacrosse teams come from Canada, Israel, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Colorado, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland and New Jersey, plus a team of Native Americans., The championship game will be televised at 3 p.m. (San Diego time) on Wednesday.