It is difficult to comprehend quite what Mason Greenwood must have thought when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer handed him his Manchester United debut along with the sizeable task of finding the goal that would see United become the first team in the history of the European Cup to overturn a two-goal deficit, away from home, in the knockout stages.,The England under-18 international, who signed his first professional United contract in October, had scored 22 goals in 22 games for Manchester United’s under-18, under-19 and under-23 teams before his unforgettable night in Paris and his has been an exponential career trajectory that Mark Senior, one of the first to harness Greenwood’s infinite talent, believes was forecast from the age of six.,Greenwood’s first taste of organised football came at United’s development school in Halifax 11 years ago and Senior, a former coach at both the Halifax centre and United’s academy, says Greenwood, from Wibsey, Bradford, was almost immediately earmarked as a future star.,Greenwood’s talent was so apparent that he was soon sent to United’s training ground in Salford, The Cliff, on Sunday mornings to play small-sided games against the most gifted members of United’s 46 development centres around the country.,Greenwood’s showing since forming part of United’s tour squad last summer have seen comparisons made with United strikers of old, but Senior believes Greenwood, who can play across the forward line, will become known as a player with a unique style should his progression continue at the same rate.

A station was set up with a view to upgrading as a centre to showcase the progress on community radio projector in the Asian region.,The SLBC hierarchy was totally ignorant regarding the mass appeal and close affinity the MCR shared with the rural community and its integral role as a publicity medium at the grassroots level.,Inventories of all items at every MCR centre and the balance funds were diverted through the UNDP and the UNESCO mission found no discrepancy in receipts and expenditure.,The equipment for the Embilipitiya MCR centre were taken over by the SLBC authorities.,Jayaweera initiated the Palaly Radio Centre which provided the forces with a strong publicity arm.

Since the founding of STiR—an NGO that uses networks to motivate teachers and teacher-support officials within governments—nearly seven years ago, we’ve been playing with a proverbial broom, not quite knowing where we best fit within government-run education systems.,Each time, the impetus for testing a new sweet spot wasn’t the result of great internal wisdom; it was pressure from sage leaders within government-run education systems who saw a path we didn’t.,Last year, for example, the Delhi education government system achieved the best academic results in its history, with government schools even overtaking private schools.,But much of the new systems research coming out of DFID’s RISE Education Systems Research Programme and elsewhere shows that demotivated teachers and local officials often fail to internalize and sometimes actively resist strong technical interventions.,For example, the Delhi system initially lacked a well-functioning cadre of officials to run the teacher networks within its large secondary schools.

With a natural ability to lead, you would never know that this professional keeper is only 16-years-old and just signed a contract with Orange County Soccer Club.,“I coached in the academy level, I’ve coached youth soccer and now all the way up to the professional ranks and there’s a tremendous amount of talent out here.,Orange County is home to some of the ripest soccer talent in the country.,They are signing kids like Cervantes to contracts and fostering an environment where that talent can develop.,It is the equivalent of the minor leagues of Major League Soccer and is becoming a big ticket with homegrown talent.

At Kigezi High School Primary in Kabaare, I was privileged to meet a boy called John Busingye (not his real name.),I often think of Rwangakubohwa, Busigye and Gahwera, good examples of our lost intellectual treasures, victims of a culture with no room for variation from a narrow path prescribed for growing children.,However, very many children are lost to the world because society fails to identify their unique needs for custom-tailored education and behaviour support.,I suspect that there are very many children who are struggling in Uganda’s traditional school system, without access to meaningful education and other opportunities that maximise their intellectual and creative potential.,Parents and teachers are uniquely placed to recognise these gifted children and to offer them education opportunities that focus on their strengths and interests, utilizing the vast knowledge and experience that have come to light since the days of Rwangakubohwa, Busingye and Gahwera.

New year resolutions mean different things to different people and while many will be hitting the gym, some will be learning a new skill while others will have vowed to devote some quality time to relaxation and, in particular, reading.,Many people have described the present moment and mindfulness but nobody has described it in such beautiful detail as Eckhart Tolle in this book and his subsequent and even more powerful book, A New Earth.,Celebrity chef and owner of Dublin restaurant l’Ecrivain, Derry Clarke, was gifted a historical book about Baltimore in Cork by his wife Sallyanne and says it reminded him of how important it is to be aware of our history.,“Bruce Lee was way ahead of his time and in his book he talked about how nothing was out of reach if you want it enough.,“I was about 11 years old when I read the book and my uncle, who was a big Bruce Lee fan, passed it on to me because I was already into sport at the time.

Firing Steve Alford was the easy part.Finding a marquee replacement for a once-proud program that has become ignored and irrelevant is going to be the hard part.UCLA axed its embattled basketball coach in a rare midseason change Monday, two days after a 15-point loss to Liberty in front of fans who filled Pauley Pavilion with boos.,While the move mercifully ended Alfords five-plus year tenure, one marked by consistent underachievement despite three Sweet 16 appearances, the Bruins real challenge lies ahead.They have to convince a worthy candidate they can provide an environment that will empower him to restore glory to a championship culture that has clearly lost its way.I never thought I would write this, but the stark reality is that coaching the UCLA mens basketball team is not a great job.Your bosses seem to care more about football.,The schools support of the program has lagged such that when the Bruins traveled to Dayton, Ohio, for an NCAA Tournament play-in game last March, the pep band didnt even make the trip.In ways that stretch far beyond the current 23-year national championship drought the longest since before Wooden stepped on campus the reality is as chilling as the malaise that often runs through Pauley when the team occupies the floor.UCLA basketball is no longer UCLA basketball.The most important, yet trickiest, task of Dan Guerreros tenure as UCLA athletic director will be to find somebody with the coaching chops and public charisma to change all that.They need a John Calipari type, but they dont operate in John Caliparis neighborhood.,Then you need to pay Chip Kelly prices, offer Chip Kelly-style control, and install Chip Kelly-style bells and whistles.In hiring Kelly, Guerrero took the kind of big swing he had never taken before, broadening his vision with the nudging of booster Casey Wasserman and former Bruins quarterback Troy Aikman.In this new hire, which UCLA says will be conducted with the help of another former Bruin, Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers, Guerrero needs to swing with the same launch angle.In other words, he cant hire a coach from New Mexico who, in 18 years of Division I coaching, had reached the Sweet 16 only once.That was Steve Alford, and, lets face it, his biggest problem was that he never should have been hired in the first place.From his messy opening news conference in 2013, during which he made comments about a rape charge against one of his former players at Iowa for which he later apologized, Alford never seemed comfortable here.It was like he took the job not because he wanted it, but because he felt he couldnt turn it down.,He never sold the program through either entertaining regular seasons or deep tournament runs.I supported him in this space because of his and his staffs great recruiting they had seven NBA first-round draft picks and because of those three Sweet 16 appearances in five years, an underrated and difficult task.But in each of those Sweet 16 games they were badly outclassed, losing by double digits.

He learned this from his father, Tim, the former high school football coach and decorated Vietnam War veteran, and his mother, Sally, the government teacher and town mom who was running about 10 miles a day before cancer took her.Pushing 40, Kingsbury says he wants a family that exists outside of football too.,Dave Campbells Texas Football magazine summed up their plight thusly:Portrait of former New Braunfels High School football coach Tim Kingsbury at the school in New Braunfels, Texas.Pity poor New Braunfels, Tim says from memory.The whole town freaked out, he continues.,She got her first teaching job at New Braunfels High, so Tim followed.The head coach there, Jim Streety, heard Tim had a football background and asked him if he wanted to help coach the middle school.,Tim and Sallys boys, Klint and Kliff, spent most of their time up at the high school, sharing their parents with kids from all over New Braunfels, a charming river burg nestled in Texas sprawling Hill Country along Interstate 35 between Austin and San Antonio, then a town of about 20,000.,He played with a fire that did not have to be coached out of him.Portrait of former New Braunfels High School football coach Tim Kingsbury at the school.Tim picks up the tale with the state quarterfinal game against San Antonio power MacArthur, which had handed the Unicorns their only defeat.They get ahead of us 14-0 at the half, Tim says, and the kids are all in the locker room, and the only thing I say to them as they come inTim is suddenly all choked up again.We got them right where we want them!

Maggie Vessey – Then

Maggie Vessey is an American Olympic athlete who competed in track and field events around the world in the early 2000s.,Beginning to compete in high school, Felix quickly became one of the fastest women on the planet, taking second place at the US Indoor Track Field Championships, and then running the fastest ever at the World Indoor Track and Field Championships in Mexico City.,Allyson Felix medaled at almost every single world track and field championship since 2005, and has so far been to four Olympic games representing the United States.,She won a silver at the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, Greece, gold and silver in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, three gold medals at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, UK, and two golds and a silver in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro games.,In fact, she got silver in one of her first ever competitions at the World Indoor Track and Field Championships in Birmingham, United Kingdom. read more

Hoping to charge each full-time student on the Flagstaff Mountain Campus a $75 per semester fee, Marlow and Northern Arizona’s athletics department have held a series of open forums.,Marlow, as well as associate athletic director Matt Howdeshell and Jane Kuhn, vice president for enrollment management and student affairs, noted that all other Big Sky Conference universities have a similar fee in order to stay competitive.,Marlow said he did his homework ahead of his hiring at Northern Arizona, but he had no idea the school was the only one in the state and Big Sky Conference without a dedicated athletics specific fee.,Venturing out of state and to Northern Arizona’s direct athletic competition, the presentation to the students included a breakdown of other Big Sky Conference schools and their similar fees.,HOW TO BENEFIT STUDENTS

Hoping to make the fee worthwhile for its student base not interested in the success or performance of the university’s athletic teams, the athletics department hoped to brainstorm ideas with the proposed advisory council on how to serve a wide range of students. read more