• OU has three players ranked in the top 10 in rebounding in the Big 12: Christian James (sixth, 7.3), Brady Manek (eighth, 6.7) and Kristian Doolittle (10th, 6.3).,• James failed to record a double-double in his first 104 collegiate games, but has produced at least 10 points and 10 rebounds in six of his 14 games since.,• James failed to produce a double-double in his first 104 collegiate games but has produced at least 10 points and 10 boards in six of the 13 games since.,• With an average of 16.3 points per game, James is fourth in the Big 12 scoring race.,• By scoring 20 points on Jan. 16 against Kansas State, James became the 45th Sooner to eclipse 1,000 points in an Oklahoma uniform (eighth in the Lon Kruger era).

That was the dumbest move that the Dodgers have made since dumping Roberto Clemente.Jonathan GoldsteinLa JollaHow low can the Bruins go?I have an idea for future sponsors for the UCLA basketball team.,I suggest Charmin or Pillsbury because their team is as soft as toilet paper and the Pillsbury Dough Boy.Richard KatzLos Angeles::While watching a UCLA basketball team full of elite talent lose at home to Belmont last Saturday, it occurred to me that elite coaches have a special quality that is lacking in Steve Alford.,Neither Alford nor Guererro seems to have the resources to wake up the team.Pauley was empty against a unknown Belmont team that stole a win with the back door wide open.,Knowing how much I learn in a two-hour Walton basketball broadcast, I can only image the breadth of knowledge that will come from a four-hour Academy Awards show.Jeff BlackLos AngelesOld schoolFor anyone who is student of the game, it is useful to recall that when the Dodgers swept the Yankees in the World Series of 1963, they used the exact same lineup each and every game.,But no worries, because irrespective of what they decide, two-thirds of the L.A. fan base will never be able to see the results.Bill WaxmanSimi ValleyFine whinesOne "fan" would not have a parade for the Chargers in Los Angeles if they won the Super Bowl.Others heap scorn and abuse on a Dodgers team that has made the World Series two years in a row.I've been following sports since the Dodgers were in Brooklyn, and I can't recall a bigger bunch of spoiled brats and whiners than some of those who appear on your letters page each week.Steve MehlmanBeaumontTrojan troubleIt seems that Lynn Swann is urgently trying to justify his retention of Clay Helton by doing some recruiting.

Richard Ryan: It's true, most of the research leading up to the '70s was really on how we could control people from the outside using rewards and punishments, and really the focus of our research that I started with Ed Deci many years ago is really kind of the opposite thing, it's how can we help sustain and cultivate the motivation that comes from within people, their intrinsic motivation, their sense of value, and have that be driving their behaviour rather than carrots and sticks.,Lynne Malcolm: Richard Ryan has applied this research on motivation to a range of contexts, including exercise and fitness, and even our desire to help others.,And then we studied what happened to the children that came into their classroom the following year over time, and we saw that even within the first five weeks of the school year, if you were in a classroom of a teacher who was a more controlling in his or her strategies for motivating, that not only did children feel less able to do schoolwork and less interested in doing their schoolwork, they wanted lower levels of challenge, they wanted things to be easier in the classroom because they didn't want to make mistakes, they didn't take initiative in the classroom, they didn't try to do new things on their own, they waited until they were told what to do.,If you had a teacher, on the other hand, who was autonomy supportive, children increased in their engagement in classroom and their interest and their desire for challenge and they felt better about themselves, not just as students but also as people.,Lynne Malcolm: It's All in the Mind on RN, I'm Lynne Malcolm, and I'm speaking with Professor Richard Ryan, who developed the Self Determination Theory of Motivation almost 40 years ago.

According to Dr. Struck, chariot racer from Ancient Rome named Gaius Appuleius Diocles, amassed a fortune of 35,863,120 sesterces – the equivalent of $15 billion.,Apparently, Gaius Appuleius Diocles, who was the most prolific charioteer in Ancient Rome, often participated in six and seven-horse chariot races.,As Peter Struck wrote for Lapham’s Quarterly, a monumental inscription was erected in Rome by his fellow charioteers and admirers in 146, which hails him fulsomely on his retirement, at the age of “42 years, 7 months, and 23 days”, as “champion of all charioteers”.,As Professor Struck wrote, “His total take home amounted to five times the earnings of the highest paid provincial governors over a similar period – enough to provide grain for the entire city of Rome for one year, or to pay all the ordinary soldiers of the Roman Army at the height of its imperial reach for a fifth of a year”.,Read another story from us: Nadia Elena Comaneci: the first Olympic gymnast to score a perfect 10

Chariot racing was a dangerous sport and many charioteers died quite young, but this wasn’t the case with Gaius Appuleius Diocles who was apparently lucky enough, or maybe good enough to die peacefully in the small Italian town of Praeneste. read more

This essay proposes the idea of “coherence” as a way to discuss the relationships of the many moving parts in any game., #story_generator

While the myth of the auteur permeates creative culture, this piece talks about the value of many unsexy parts of design, specifically, having good data to make better decisions about level off the heels of a broader discussion about finding a better name than “Rogue-likes”, this essay opens up the conversation about the many ways we define genres, and how those definitions can drastically limit our conception about what is and isn’t possible (for instance “platformer” rather than “Mario-like”)  #ludic_devices read more