Weather experts said the chilly February doesnt signal a larger change in some of those trends.Even factoring in the cold snap, California is still warmer than average, and swings between periods of severe winter rainstorms and profound drought will probably become more pronounced in the future because of climate change, said Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA.He added that it might not be as cold as locals perceive it to be given how much warmer it has been in the last several years.This year seems anomalous because we have already internalized a lot of the warming thats occurred, he said.On Thursday, a light drizzle blanketed the barren streets of Santa Monica.,The L.A. native pulled on jeans, a thin shirt and a dark denim jacket and capped it off with a beanie, but said she always feels ill-prepared for the cold.I tend to wear one layer because its L.A. and I keep expecting its going to get warmer, but it doesnt, she said.Several factors including a lack of offshore wind and, more broadly, climate change have played into Californias weird winter weather, experts say.The recent cold snap has also brought snow to portions of the Southland that rarely see any.,If it weakens and the air is no longer a continuous band, cold air can spill out of the Arctic and move down to the West Coast, Swain said.The city came close within one degree of hitting the 70 mark, but it never quite warmed up enough to get there.Theres plenty of days in January and February where people want to go to the beach and we usually get a few of those days every winter, Kittell said.,Back-to-back winter storms this year have blanketed Californias mountain ranges with snow, making this a banner winter for skiers and snowboarders.The storms have covered Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood with more than 8 feet of fresh snow this winter, while Big Bear Mountain Resort has received more than 10 feet.,This season has provided the best conditions for snow sports in roughly a decade, said John McColly, vice president of sales and marketing at Mountain High, who added that it feels like a real winter this year.Matt Martinez, 41, is an avid surfer who spends the colder months chasing storms that provide local mountains with a blanket of fresh powder.

New York lawmakers return to take up pot, tolls, sports bets

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Nor is it likely to end well for a lot of Lakers, some of whom could be New Orleans-bound in a trade for Anthony Davis … or cut for salary cap space, like the eight of them who are on one-year deals, to bring in more free agents like Klay Thompson … or unemployed like Coach Luke Walton if Magic Johnson holds him responsible for any shortfall.,I don’t see a second-round loss going over well with Johnson, not after he read Walton the riot act seven games into the season, then, in as close as he felt like coming to reassuring everyone publicly, said Luke would, “finish this season unless something drastic happens, which it won’t.”,It’s still emerging with last week’s report by ESPN’s uber-connected Adrian Wojnarowski that Magic has wanted a new coach since he took over, but has yet to convince Jeanie Buss, who is “fiercely loyal” to Walton.,Despite his cachet, James hasn’t been a behind-the-scenes schemer … aside from all his player recruiting … although Riley, whom LeBron left high and dry, late revealed that LeBron hinted that he would like him to fire Coach Erik Spoelstra during LeBron’s first season in Miami without coming out and actually asking him to do it.,A recent report from ESPN’s uber-connected Adrian Wojnarowski indicated that Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson has wanted a new coach since he took over in February of 2017, but has yet to convince team owner Jeanie Buss, who is “fiercely loyal” to Luke Walton, left.

Buchanan – an eight-time world champion across BMX and mountain bike racing disciplines – unashamedly had her L plates on when it came to this trick-focussed discipline.,Buchanan has 16 national titles under the belt already, and was clearly assessing the possibilities at the skate park that would later host the first Australian BMX Freestyle Championships.,Although Buchanan was stepping outside of her comfort zone of BMX racing, learning new skills step-by-step on the bike is a well practiced art.,Her sights were set on a BMX Freestyle World Cup at the start of November, where Buchanan delivered a top ten finish and qualified for the World Championships of this new Olympic discipline.,Back home to #AIS for further [email protected] @BMXHPP

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It belongs to Jim McVay, a sports executive who for the past 30 years has run the Outback Bowl, a second-tier college football postseason game featuring third-place teams.,While several bowl bosses manage other games or major events, McVay’s core duties remain as focused as they were when he took the job in 1988: negotiate contracts and sell sponsorships and tickets for one football game each year.,[Perspective: When college football powers want more coaches than rules allow, they call them analysts] The decision by the Outback Bowl’s board — a volunteer group of local businesspeople and dignitaries — to pay McVay, year after year, more than many of his peers further stands out because their bowl, historically, is among the stingiest when it comes to giving to charity.,McVay, who has defended his pay in news reports as recently as last year, declined an interview request for this story, and a bowl spokesman cited a new policy that forbids Outback Bowl officials from publicly discussing compensation.,Another main reason the Outback board has more than tripled McVay’s pay over the last 20 years, according to Schember, is because McVay routinely tells them NFL teams are trying to pry him out of the bowl world.

And here in Nevada, in one of Rodgers’ favorite weeks annually—renting a lovely home on the shore of Lake Tahoe, playing golf every day, and playing in the sports-celebrity American Century Championship golf event—I hope to nail him down about his football future, and his complicated contract., This off-season, he bought a share of the Milwaukee Bucks, got life advice from the Dalai Lama in India, journeyed to Africa to help outfit kids with hearing aids, went to the Indy 500, swam with the sharks off the coast of San Diego, and last week satisfied his golf jones with daily rounds at this golf paradise., The trip to India, and to the audience with the Dalai Lama, made Rodgers geek out like your 13-year-old daughter seeing her first Taylor Swift show., Rodgers doesn’t think the spiritual leader knew who he was, but he did bring an NFL football and a Packers’ hat, and the Dalai Lama wore the hat and posted a picture of them together, smiling., Three times, Rodgers waved the kids onto the fairway and threw passes to them; twice he did it with older guys, maybe 25-year-olds, and he waved them deep, and threw them long spiraled strikes.

The record-breaking multiplatinum rock band—Brent Smith [vocals], Zach Myers [guitar], Eric Bass [bass, production], and Barry Kerch [drums]—once again uproot convention and deliver a personal, poignant, and powerful body of work that evolves from ruin to reclamation to revelation., After contributing the gold-certified “Diamond Eyes” for The Expendables film and “Her Name Is Alice” to the album Almost Alice inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, the band seized #1 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart and #4 on the Top 200 with 2012’s gold-certified Amaryllis, which launched three #1 Active Rock anthems —“Bully,” “Unity,” and “Enemies.”, 2015’s Threat To Survival marked their third straight Top 10 debut on the Top 200, arriving at #5 while also debuting at #1 on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums Chart and bringing Shinedown’s total count of number one rock singles to 12 thanks to hits like “Cut the Cord” and “State of My Head.”, Every one of the singles released over Shinedown’s nearly two-decade career has ascended to the Top 10 – a feat unmatched by any other rock band, now or ever before., Beyond sold out headline gigs worldwide and numerous festival headlining sets, Shinedown has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide, has 11 platinum and gold singles and four platinum and gold albums, and averages more than 3.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify as one of the most-listened-to rock bands on the platform with over 600 million streams, contributing to their more than 1 billion total overall streams to date.

Come this Sunday night, the place to be upon the Earth will become either the Champs Elysees or the 800,000-strong capital of Zagreb, Croatia., Yet if France’s rainbow of skill can prevail over Croatia’s soaring talent and big heart here in Luzhniki Stadium 1,500 miles northeast of the Arc de Triomphe, then, two things: The average blood alcohol content on the Champs Elysees should prove similar to 1998., [Match preview: As sun sets on glorious World Cup, France vs. Croatia one last chance to shine] A World Cup title in this turbulent 2018 World Cup might have required more merit than the first., It would make it two titles in six World Cups with a third final appearance (2006) to boot, and it would paint over France’s creatively dismal World Cup failures of 2002 and 2010., In the upturned World Cup of this Russian summer, when the old dynasties who had hogged this thing couldn’t keep themselves from toppling out (or not arriving altogether), France could.