SANTA ANITA (CBSLA) – While live racing is suspended indefinitely at Santa Anita Park, officials reopened the training track as they continue to attempt to determine what could be responsible for the deaths of 21 horses going back to December.,Santa Anita’s training track — one of three on the grounds that include the main and turf tracks — reopened Friday.,Experts examine the main track at Santa Anita Park on March 7, 2019.,“Once it reopens, they will closely monitor that track’s condition as horses stabled at Santa Anita Park begin using it.”,Last week, Santa Anita closed the main track for several days to have Peterson do an evaluation, this following the 19th horse death.

The Vasquez family chose to beat the storm by heading up the mountain Monday morning

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — A storm will bring snow showers overnight to our local mountains, and a true winter wonderland is expected to greet visitors in Lee Canyon.,The storm is great news for Lee Canyon Ski Resort.,The Vasquez family chose to beat the storm by heading up the mountain Monday morning.,Doug Benson, the Director of Mountain Sports at Lee Canyon, expected lots of fresh snow.,“They're going to plow the parking lots, the recreation sites and then the general snow removal around the resort so people can move around,” said Benson. read more

Just a few weeks ago, Cleary held in his hands for the first time, his first album: Key & Cleary “Love is the Way,” an anthology of 22 songs that he and his fellow musicians recorded throughout the 1970s and into the early 1980s in Buffalo.,Each track of the double disc album tells a story: Cleary’s journey from the East Side of Buffalo to the Marine Corps, to owning his own construction company to running the computer department at Dunkirk Ice Cream.,While themes of black empowerment are evident in some tracks, Key and Cleary’s music evolved over the years to take on more universal themes and expressions.,Producer David Griffiths, a long-time fan of Key and Cleary, brought their music to Alapatt’s attention, about two years ago.,Key and Cleary, as with many of their songs over the years, re-recorded and produced their music, especially “What It Takes to Live.”