UCLA coach Mick Cronin explained the rigorous challenges his team is facing this unprecedented college basketball season.,“The only time (the team) is together is on the bus, that’s when they’re enjoying being a college basketball player,” Cronin said Tuesday.,Center Jalen Hill, who’s been away from the team for weeks, will not be with UCLA (14-5, 10-3) against Arizona, as well as versus Arizona State on Saturday.,More challenges for players include: no off-court team activity, no in-person meetings with academic counselors or tutors, no social life on campus, and no hanging out with Cronin, either.,Following Thursday’s matchup with Arizona, UCLA will have just four games left before the Pac-12 tournament begins March 10.

5:16 p.m.: In diverse Stockton, people of color still underrepresented in vaccination People of color in California are still underrepresented among COVID vaccine recipients, even in Stockton, which U.S. News and World Report ranked last year as the most racially diverse city in the country.,According to the Associated Press, as more people are vaccinated and the daily number of COVID-19 cases and deaths drop, public health officials are starting to relax on containment strategies.,While stressing that people should avoid close contact — including sex — with anyone outside their household, the city’s public health department told the San Francisco Chronicle it was updating guidance it first issued last year “to reflect the latest science on COVID-19.”,12:09 p.m.: Some fitness trainers got vaccine as 'health care workers'

Some fitness trainers in California were able to get vaccinated against COVID-19 after state health officials created a loophole that helped them qualify as health care workers.,KGO-TV reports that in January, the California Department of Public Health released updated guidelines on vaccination allocation that classified outdoor recreation as health care, the first tier eligible to get the vaccine along with people over 75. read more

Highlights and interviews from Crean Lutheran’s multi-team cross country dual meet on Saturday, Feb. 6  in Irvine.,After a nearly one-year absence from competition because of the pandemic, high school sports returned with several schools in Orange County hosting cross country meets.,Crean Lutheran welcomed St. Margaret’s, Laguna Beach, Calvary Chapel, Pacifica Christian and Calvary Chapel of Downey for a series of dual meets.

Of all the aspects of the Ducks’ game that have gone haywire over the past few seasons, nothing has been as frustrating, as puzzling, as debilitating for the Ducks as their play while on the power play.,Since leading the NHL with a 23.1% success rate in 2015-16, the Ducks have gotten progressively worse on the power play.,Through the first 15 games of this season, the Ducks are 3 for 34 (8.8%), ranking 29th out of 31 teams going into Saturday’s games around the league.,The Ducks’ average of 1.93 goals per game was tied with Detroit for last in the NHL going into Saturday.,SCHEDULE CHANGE

The Ducks were originally scheduled to play the Sharks on Saturday in San Jose, but the game was moved to April 6 to accommodate the Sharks and the Golden Knights. read more