“We had been doing it so well for about five or six weeks,” Spoelstra said, with the Heat averaging the fifth-most second-chance points in the NBA this season (14.8 per game).,The good news for the Heat is games against the struggling Cavaliers and Knicks are up next.,The starting five of Hassan Whiteside, James Johnson, Rodney McGruder, Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson had struggled recently, with the group outscored by 36 points in 107 minutes over the Heat’s previous 10 games.,It marked the second game this season Miami has used the starting lineup of Whiteside, James Johnson, McGruder, Winslow and Tyler Johnson, with the other time coming in a road win over the Magic on Dec. 23.,Olynyk received a DNP-coach’s decision (did not play, coach’s decision) for the second consecutive game and has played just four minutes over the Heat’s past three games.

Nor is it likely to end well for a lot of Lakers, some of whom could be New Orleans-bound in a trade for Anthony Davis … or cut for salary cap space, like the eight of them who are on one-year deals, to bring in more free agents like Klay Thompson … or unemployed like Coach Luke Walton if Magic Johnson holds him responsible for any shortfall.,I don’t see a second-round loss going over well with Johnson, not after he read Walton the riot act seven games into the season, then, in as close as he felt like coming to reassuring everyone publicly, said Luke would, “finish this season unless something drastic happens, which it won’t.”,It’s still emerging with last week’s report by ESPN’s uber-connected Adrian Wojnarowski that Magic has wanted a new coach since he took over, but has yet to convince Jeanie Buss, who is “fiercely loyal” to Walton.,Despite his cachet, James hasn’t been a behind-the-scenes schemer … aside from all his player recruiting … although Riley, whom LeBron left high and dry, late revealed that LeBron hinted that he would like him to fire Coach Erik Spoelstra during LeBron’s first season in Miami without coming out and actually asking him to do it.,A recent report from ESPN’s uber-connected Adrian Wojnarowski indicated that Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson has wanted a new coach since he took over in February of 2017, but has yet to convince team owner Jeanie Buss, who is “fiercely loyal” to Luke Walton, left.