Traditional meals around the world

Every week in Los Angeles I walk a mile or so from my apartment to the putting green at Rancho Park Golf Course and work on the rhythm of my stroke for about twenty minutes then walk across the street to the Main Course restaurant for a taste of Eastern Europe! Each week I try a different dish just for fun. Last week I tried the Ukrainian stuffed cabbage, this week the Hungarian Beef Goulash and the week before the Romanian stuffed pepper. I love the diversity of LA, especially the food! A few weeks ago, Veronica and I tried Moroccan food. Persian is next!

Learn to relax and spend time in nature!

Before I left Connecticut for Los Angeles in late September, I had a magical night on the fishing boat with my twin brother. Just as the sun was setting, emanating an outrageously gorgeous glow, I hooked into a twenty pound bass with light tackle. The ten minute fight was as exhilarating as the sunset. As I’ve written in other blog posts, spend time in nature! Life goes quickly as we all know. Nights Iike this one are forever!

Enhance the quality of your experiences!

My twin brother just sent me this pic from Bermuda where he is vacationing with his family! I sent him one from LA where I go every month as I commit to creating a business here in part to experience more creativity and diversity and in part to leave New England winters behind!

I’m writing this post from a coffee shop inside Rancho Park Golf Course, an awesome public facility walking distance from my apartment in Century City here in the heart of Los Angeles. I am reflecting on a great week of life that was special because I allowed the Flow! On previous trips I’ve over – scheduled and tried to squeeze too much in. This time I flew on a Saturday which takes the pressure off because I don’t have to go right into client mode or networking mode right off the airplane. It’s part of a greater desire to chill more, flow more and effort less! I’ve done less meetings this week than previous trips but the quality of the experiences was far better and more fun too. So if your at all driven or ambitious like me, perhaps there’s a way to do more Being and less Doing, a style of living that enhances the quality of your experiences and invites the Flow!!

This is British Open week. It is one of my favorite weeks of life. I love the Majors in professional golf because the tournaments are so intense and meaningful to the players. In fact, I love golf. To me, it is one of the best sports on the planet. Some people say, “Oh, how can you love a sport where there is no real action?” The reality is golf is infinitely complex and quite spiritual.

Let’s discuss the complexity first. No matter how much you practice, the conditions always change. Some days, the wind blows, some days it sits down. In the same round the weather conditions can change several times. This is especially true on links style courses where the ocean meets the land. I played in Ireland in the middle of August several years ago. The conditions went from relatively warm and sunny to downright cold and blustery three or four times in the same round. I put on and took off rain gear more in that one week than I did at home in one year. Anybody who has ever seen Caddie Shack with Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, and Chevy Chase remembers the scene where the Reverin is playing the best round of his life in a giant thunderstorm and refuses the quit until he is struck by lightening!

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