Tim Hardaway Jr. scored 22 points, Trey Burke added 16 and the Knicks snapped their eight-game losing streak with a 119-112 victory over Los Angeles on Friday night.,Enes Kanter scored eight of his 16 points down the stretch as the Knicks pulled away, ending their first win since Dec. 14 on an 11-3 run.,Seven players scored in double figures for New York, including 10 points in the fourth quarter from Mario Hezonja, who also had barely played since mid-December.,TIP-INS

Knicks: Frank Ntilikina played only briefly in the first half before straining his left ankle and sitting out the rest of the game.,SLOW START FOR LA read more

Police say the local racing scene has grown stronger in recent years, and many believe the most dangerous incidents stem from spontaneous races in residential neighborhoods and street takeovers that draw hundreds.The California Highway Patrol documented 984 street racing incidents in Los Angeles County last year including spontaneous races and organized events accounting for a little more than 40% of the incidents statewide.The evolving, and increasingly dangerous, nature of such outlaw events has drawn condemnation from police and politicians, but its also aggravated a segment of racers as well.For decades, Los Angeles members of the National and International Brotherhood of Street Racers had organized legal races on a strip of land on Terminal Island with the backing of some police and civic leaders.,If you cant follow the rules, if you cant follow the code, you cant be out here.Still, one of the groups leaders who asked to be identified by his nickname, Taz said he knows the risks hes taking getting behind the wheel, no matter how many precautions the group takes.We know its a dangerous sport, no matter where you put it, he said.Donald Galaz, another member of the group who is often seen at street racing advocacy events throughout Los Angeles County, said their message is simple: They want to work with local government to find a legal place to race, and they want to end the casualties.This is not a game.,Worse because weve lost the tracks and the opportunity where people can actually gather in safe places and locations, and theres more enthusiasts and aficionados that are changing their vehicles and amending them, and people with social media find it easy to gather, he said.The new owners of Irwindale Speedway, home to the only legal drag strip in Los Angeles County that is both close to the city and palatable to street racers, is trying to prove Galazs theory correct.,The track hosts weekly racing and drifting events on Thursdays, which attract hundreds of car enthusiasts.Stevens said hes also waded into the Facebook and Instagram pages that are popular among street racing crews and garages and managed to urge a number of competitors to carry out grudge races at Irwindale.Huddleston said that Irwindale offers a combination of safety and easy access that is sorely needed in and around L.A. County.,But the brotherhood represents only a sliver of the citys much broader, unbridled racing scene, some officials say.A pair of cars jump off the starting line during a drag race at the Irwindale Speedway.What they do, though illegal, they do it in a safe manner, said LAPD Capt. Al Lopez, who formerly headed traffic investigations in Central Division.Galaz says the brotherhoods membership is in the hundreds, but unaffiliated racers and members of other car clubs are welcome to take part in their events as long as they follow the rules.