Sporting KC forward Johnny Russell been named to the Scotland Men’s National Team for the start of UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying during FIFA’s international window this month.,The St. Patrick’s Day clash will kick off at 8 p.m. CT with live coverage on FOX Sports Kansas City, FOX Sports Midwest Plus, ESPN 95.3 FM and ESPN Deportes KC 1480 AM.,Sporting KC defender Botond Barath and forward Krisztian Nemeth have been selected to the Hungary Men’s National Team for the start of UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying during FIFA’s international window this month.,The St. Patrick's Day fixture will kick off at 8 p.m. CT, with FOX Sports Kansas City and FOX Sports Midwest Plus televising three hours of live coverage beginning with Sporting KC Live presented by Bud Light at 7:30 p.m. CT.,Postgame programming will include The Final Whistle show on 95.3 FM and Sporting KC Live presented by Sprint on FOX Sports Kansas City and FOX Sports Midwest Plus.

The free kick that led to the opening goal -- Mario Mandzukic's header into his own net -- likely should not have been given, but there is no VAR for free kicks, and referee Nestor Pitana, despite his cartoonishly big biceps, is human., "I don't think you can give a penalty like that in a World Cup final, but this in no way diminishes France's victory.", Twice Croatia won one-on-one headers in the area -- Mandzukic against Pogba and Dejan Lovren over Matuidi -- to keep the ball alive, enabling Vida to poke it back to Perisic just inside the box., -- World Cup fixtures, results and coverage

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Come this Sunday night, the place to be upon the Earth will become either the Champs Elysees or the 800,000-strong capital of Zagreb, Croatia., Yet if France’s rainbow of skill can prevail over Croatia’s soaring talent and big heart here in Luzhniki Stadium 1,500 miles northeast of the Arc de Triomphe, then, two things: The average blood alcohol content on the Champs Elysees should prove similar to 1998., [Match preview: As sun sets on glorious World Cup, France vs. Croatia one last chance to shine] A World Cup title in this turbulent 2018 World Cup might have required more merit than the first., It would make it two titles in six World Cups with a third final appearance (2006) to boot, and it would paint over France’s creatively dismal World Cup failures of 2002 and 2010., In the upturned World Cup of this Russian summer, when the old dynasties who had hogged this thing couldn’t keep themselves from toppling out (or not arriving altogether), France could.

“We’ve spoken to the players about writing their own stories,” said the manager, Gareth Southgate, after the team beat Colombia in an unprecedentedly victorious (for England) penalty shootout., Grange was appointed by the FA as its head of people and team development in November last year, given the job of building resilience while confronting the pressures and psychodramas faced by previous England squads., Since then, she has been working as a “culture performance coach” for sports bodies including rugby teams in New Zealand and the Australian [Rules] Football League’s player association., The psychological transformation of the team has taken them much further than anyone could have expected at the start of the tournament, and raises the question of what the rest of us can learn from England’s awakening, and from sports psychology more generally., It helps, he points out, that the team is young and relatively “unsullied by past failures, so [Southgate has] been able to create a more positive narrative.