Looking deeper still and conducting, further research into this area, I was taken to work by Hansen & Gorton (2013); they critiqued numerous analytical definitions of ‘affect’ provided by Shouse (2005), Blackman & Cromby (2007), Clough (2007), Cvetkovich (2003), Ahmed (2010), Highmore (2010), and Stewart and Wissinger (2007).,However, regarding ‘affect’, I found this definition by Hansen & Gorton’s (2013 p34) a cause for concern, especially when considering videogames and games design:

“the slipperiness of the term and its usage within academic study” and “the notion of in-between-ness and liminality is structured into the definition of affect and makes coming to full interpretations of emotion online increasingly impossible.”,As the main area of focus within the theoretical framework of my PhD is Games Design within the context of videogames, doubt was instilled within me by Hansen & Gorton’s secondary research.,Hansen & Gorton go onto further analyse this, considering that “affect is a sort of glue”; when applied to ideas, values and objects (such as videogames), they can be affective and remain with us throughout life, both as individuals and as a means of “sustaining gatherings of people or ideas” i.e. the audiences themselves.,As ‘People’ are a key object of study within my research, I therefore decided to firstly preface addressing any further research into ‘affect’ along with research into the ‘videogame design and development process’ by researching and reviewing the existing organisational structures within which these ‘people’ (i.e. ‘the game developers’) work. read more

Studies continue to show that Freud's ideas are unfounded, and Freud has come under scrutiny for fabricating his most famous case studies.,And a 2007 study found that a therapy-based recollection of childhood abuse "was less likely to be corroborated by other evidence than when the memories came without help.",Studies claiming to prove the Oedipal complex look to positive sexual imprinting — that is, the phenomenon in which people choose partners with physical characteristics matching their same-sex parent.,Studies showing causation seem absent from the literature, and as we'll see, the veracity of Freud's own case studies supporting the complex is openly questioned today.,Freud's case studies Sergej Pankejeff, known as the "Wolf Man" in Freud's case study, claimed that Freud's analysis of his condition was "propaganda."

This edition, from Feb. 18, has been made available in archived form …

USC and UCLA: ‘Glory Daze’ read more

Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka, with all due respect to local football fans following the Rams' Super Bowl defeat, thinks his team has some similarities to the NFL champion New England Patriots.,"I think early on they were facing a ton of adversity," Pelinka said on a conference call with reporters Friday to discuss his team's NBA trade deadline deals.,The Clippers' deal opened a roster spot, and Pelinka said the team is evaluating "a handful" of players to fill it -- either now or closer to the March 1 deadline to add a player and have him be playoff eligible.,Continuing the Patriots' parallel, Pelinka compared Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman to the players the Lakers added, noting how New England found its rhythm after the slot receiver returned from a four-game suspension, much the same way he hopes the Lakers find their stride now.,Pelinka confirmed a Los Angeles Times report that detailed Johnson's plan to meet the team in Philadelphia -- Pelinka said Johnson is attending a reunion celebrating Michigan State's 1979 NCAA championship as he makes his way west to east.

“We had been doing it so well for about five or six weeks,” Spoelstra said, with the Heat averaging the fifth-most second-chance points in the NBA this season (14.8 per game).,The good news for the Heat is games against the struggling Cavaliers and Knicks are up next.,The starting five of Hassan Whiteside, James Johnson, Rodney McGruder, Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson had struggled recently, with the group outscored by 36 points in 107 minutes over the Heat’s previous 10 games.,It marked the second game this season Miami has used the starting lineup of Whiteside, James Johnson, McGruder, Winslow and Tyler Johnson, with the other time coming in a road win over the Magic on Dec. 23.,Olynyk received a DNP-coach’s decision (did not play, coach’s decision) for the second consecutive game and has played just four minutes over the Heat’s past three games.

In singles action, OU got wins on courts four, five and six to capture the match.,On court five, Izquierdo gave up just two games in his first singles match for OU, defeating Mease 6-2, 6-0.,Also in his OU debut, freshman Matt Rodriguez clinched the match for the Sooners at the No. 6 line, 6-1, 6-4.,When the match was abandoned, Van Emburgh led Campbell 2-0 in the second set on court one.,Izquierdo completed the sweep for OU when he held on to defeat Omaha’s Nathan Reekie on court four, 7-6 (4), 7-5, good for his second win of the day.

Do the Naga Christians have any cultural lineage with the Hindu Kumbh Mela bathing festivals?,In such a time like this one when a staunch Hindu religious party, BJP is ruling India, the invitation of the Naga cultural troupe to Kumbh Mela does not only create a suspicious attitude in the mind of the Christian Nagas but they also feel threaten.,I believe that Naga “Christians” representing in Kumbh Mela as a cultural troupe has opened a door of opportunity for evangelism, if the participants are “intentional “in this aspect.,Officially a Naga contingent of 373 people is going to Kumbh Mela for cultural purposes but they can also be the best representatives for the Kingdom of God if they are convicted by their Christian faith.,In the same way, the rest of the Naga Christians must be on our knees for the 373 Naga cultural team as they go to Kumbh Mela during January 22 to 24, that they may be the best missionary team to the Hindu seekers.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 27: Former NHL player Joe Sakic is introduced during the NHL 100 presented by GEICO Show as part of the 2017 NHL All-Star Weekend at the Microsoft Theater on January 27, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.,So, how do the coaches go about motivating the Colorado Avalanche players?,We also have a lot of role players, as any team does.,Because what is Jared Bednar, who never played in the NHL and doesn’t have the coaching chops yet to use that to back himself up, going to tell the elitest players on the team?,In any case, I guess the Colorado Avalanche’s stars are just going to have to find their own way just like Roy and Sakic did in their day.

Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) celebrated the “top off” of the School of Science Building at Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC).,Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson and and Curren Price along with the entire LA City Council, recognized the Taste of Soul (TOS) family food festival team and Hyundai Motor Company on Monday, May 21, at City Council Chambers.,On Tuesday, February 6, the Los Angeles City Council (LACC), and its president, Herb Wesson, honored Black local media professionals who have helped shape Southern California through the production and dissemination of news.,The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) and its partners made history with the unveiling of Banc of California Stadium, the home venue for LA’s newest sports franchise.,ft. MLK Community Health Medical Office Building will be the new home of the MLK Community Medical Group, which recruits doctors from prestigious medical centers across the nation who have a desire to serve in a safety-net was found dead of a crystal meth overdose in Ed Buck’s West Hollywood apartment on July 27, 2017.

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