On January 12, investigators say the body of 65-year-old Michael Redlick was discovered inside the Winter Park home that he shared with his wife, 45-year-old Danielle Justin Redlick.,On the same day that the investigation into Michael Redlick's death had begun, police learned that Danielle Redlick violated a probation rquirement that she abstain from alcohol.,According to a police report, Danielle Redlick first told authorities that her husband may have had a fatal heart attack, but she later told them he had stabbed himself.,Police say she also admitted that she and her husband were the only two people at their home at the reported time of her husband's death.,Court records show that Danielle Redlick filed for divorce from her husband last March, but she later withdrew and they never got divorced.

Speaking to Spectrum News at Orange County Correctional Facility, construction company owner Luis Martinez said he is concerned for his wife and three children, as well as about 120 other families who depend on his business for primary income.,In between phone calls with Luis and the family's attorneys, Ernestina finds some solace in running the restaurant.,"He sponsors youth sports leagues, hires a bunch of people locally at two successful businesses he has," Luis's friend and New Paltz Deputy Supervisor Dan Torres told Spectrum News on Thursday.,Luis told Spectrum News that in 2016, he learned about "U Nonimmigrant Status" (U-Visa), which is given to those "who have suffered mental or physical abuse and are helpful to law enforcement or government officials in the investigation or prosecution of criminal activity," according to the department of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Sources.,On Saturday evening, several friends of the Martinez family rallied on Main Street in New Paltz and wrote letters to representatives in Washington, petitioning for Luis' release.

The facility is home to Joy of the Game, Felicity School, Movement Revolution, the Institute for Human Performance as well as a variety of basketball and volleyball club teams, according to Mike Nekritz, a partner in the business with his father, Barry Nekritz, and brother, Ed Nekritz.,NSSW laid out its plans to move the school, Movement Revolution and the sports teams less than a mile away during a Deerfield Plan Commission workshop in late January.,The former Berto Center will house three of the entities — Felicity School, Movement Revolution and the sports teams — but Nekritz said the Institute for Human Performance needs more space and will seek another location in Deerfield.,Nekritz said students at Felicity are referred by area public school districts through special education individual educational plans.,Before he was a business owner, Nekritz was head basketball coach at Niles North High School, the principal at Antioch Community High School and then superintendent at Community High School District 117.

What employees crave even more is to feel that their managers appreciate them and aren’t afraid to show it, not only in paycheck terms, but in other ways such as flexible work-at-home schedules, gift cards for pulling off impressive projects, or even just by saying “thank you” for a job well done.,Whillans co-wrote a recent article in Compensation & Benefits Review, “Winning the War for Talent: Modern Motivational Methods for Attracting and Retaining Employees,” with Anais Thibault-Landry of the Université du Québec à Montréal and Allan Schweyer of the Incentive Research Foundation.,Rewards that signal to employees that they did a good job and that their manager cares about them will encourage employees to want to work even harder, the research shows.,Whillans says these types of rewards work because they tap into three strong psychological needs: Employees long for autonomy, with the freedom to choose how to do their work; they want to appear competent, armed with the skills needed to perform; and they want to feel a sense of belonging by socially connecting with colleagues in a meaningful way.,When these needs are satisfied, employees feel more motivated, engaged, and committed to their workplace—and they report fewer intentions of leaving their jobs, Whillans says.

Alan Canter, the owner of Los Angeles' famous Canter's Deli, has died at the age of 82, the restaurant announced on its Facebook page.,"Our beloved owner, Alan Canter, has passed away at age 82,'' read the announcement, which was posted Friday.,Alan Canter's father, Ben Canter, opened the first Canter's in Boyle Heights in 1931 with some of his brothers.,The restaurant was moved to the Fairfax district in the 1950s, with help from Ben Canter's daughter Selma Udko and her then-husband, Harold Price.,Gary Canter, Alan's son, who was also heavily involved in the family business, died in December 2017 of a heart attack at the age of 58.

What would you do differently if you were named the chief executive officer (CEO) of your company tomorrow?,A candidate’s answer to this question provides many insights into how the person thinks about the company, the competitive landscape and the job of CEO.,When a company board selects the next CEO, directors often deliberate on the candidates’ experience.,While there are many capabilities a board might look for in the next CEO, here are the five subtle must-have traits that influence a CEO’s success:

1) Executive Presence: This is not just looking the part.,However, even leaders with most relevant business expertise and experience can struggle to get the best performance from the organization without an executive presence, the ability to read an audience, a healthy sense of humor, savvy time management and a consistent message. read more

Dr Acar’s survey was designed to identify what motivated people to submit solutions; their responses were cross-referenced with the appropriateness of the ideas they provided using archival information from InnoCentive.,Dr Acar said it was when companies attract responses from people with the wrong kinds of motivation that they end up swamped with ideas and the crowdsourcing campaign often fails.,Dr Acar said that, in this instance, BP cast their crowdsourcing net too wide; rather than designing a campaign to attract people with specific motivations – those who are more likely to generate appropriate solutions – they appealed to people who just wanted to help by sharing their ideas, regardless of whether their solution was suitable.,To attract more appropriate solutions through crowdsourcing, Dr Acar said businesses need to motivate the right people.,Dr Acar’s paper, Motivations and Solution Appropriateness in Crowdsourcing Challenges for Innovation, is available online and is in press to be published in the journal Research Policy this year.