Monday's Canucks-Flyers game in Philadelphia featured a scary moment during the third period that required Vancouver defenseman Alexander Edler be removed on a stretcher.,About halfway through the final period, Edler got his stick lodged in the skate of Flyers forward Jakub Voracek and was dragged to the ice.,Here's a look at the replay:

The situation grew worrisome when Edler remained motionless on the ice for a few moments, but the Canucks' medical staff was able to get him on a stretcher (seated up) and to the locker room for evaluation.,As he was being escorted off the ice, it became clear that a cut had opened up on Edler's face and he was bleeding pretty heavily.,Edler didn't return to the game but he was reportedly able to walk out of the trainer's room under his own power. read more

The future is taking shape in the concrete pillars and sloped canopy roof of a transformative new stadium that will serve as home to the Super Bowl-bound Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers when the world’s most expensive sports complex opens in 2020.,[Rams-Patriots Super Bowl guide] Moreover, after decades in which taxpayers shouldered much of the cost of new sports arenas, the privately funded stadium is being closely watched as a potential new model for first-rate NFL venues built without public subsidies.,It is the vision of Rams owner E. Stanley Kroenke, a Missouri-born billionaire developer and sports mogul, who took to heart NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s insistence that any new stadium built for pro football’s return to Los Angeles must be iconic and serve as home to two teams.,(Allison Zaucha/For The Washington Post) NFL's most expensive stadium Though the Kroenke organization won’t confirm the cost or provide details of its privately funded financing plan, NFL owners in March agreed to raise their debt waiver to accommodate the Los Angeles project.,[Sally Jenkins: Gifting Daniel Snyder any money or land for a new Redskins stadium would be absolute madness] Just a decade ago, it seemed the Dallas Cowboys had set a spending mark that wouldn’t be topped when they opened ATT Stadium at a cost of $1.3 billion, with the city of Arlington helping team owner Jerry Jones finance the project with tax hikes and bonds.

On Jan. 2, 2018, Sleepy Eye Police got a fax from a mandated reporter and doctor at Sleepy Eye Medical Center, informing them of a possible child abuse case involving an 11-week-old boy born to Rodriguez Limones and Christina Hinojosa.,The fax read that the baby was brought to the hospital earlier that morning with seizures and was found to have extensive subdural hemorrhage and brain injury.,On the night before admission to Children’s Hospital, Hinojosa went to work and Rodriguez Limones was alone with the baby.,Rodriguez Limones said he took the baby to Sleepy Eye Medical Center where he was evaluated and transferred to Children’s Hospital.,An examiner noted the baby was evaluated at the Midwest Children’s Resource Center (MCRC) for possible physical abuse due to mental status changes and seizures and was found on head CT to have extensive intracranial bleeding and brain injury.

During the game, the host’s dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier mixed breed, spends the evening hanging out near the poker table munching on a meaty hambone.,Nonetheless, this oft vilified dog (pit bull is actually not a breed, but an umbrella term that includes many breeds that descended from bulldogs and terriers), boasts many devoted advocates and dedicated defenders who passionately proclaim the pit bull “breeds” should not be condemned because of a few bad actors.,Initially, pit bull breeds were was trained for bull baiting and dog fighting, and evolved tremendous jaw strength and an aggressive swagger along the way.,Pit bulls accounted for 284 (that’s 66 percent) of those deaths despite the fact that the dog represents only about six percent of the country’s entire canine population.,That’s right, it was my former student’s whose-life-I-saved dog that attacked me and sent me to the ER that night, an event which, in a remarkable coincidence, also occurred the week before Christmas as did his alcoholic misadventure more than forty years before.

Buchanan – an eight-time world champion across BMX and mountain bike racing disciplines – unashamedly had her L plates on when it came to this trick-focussed discipline.,Buchanan has 16 national titles under the belt already, and was clearly assessing the possibilities at the skate park that would later host the first Australian BMX Freestyle Championships.,Although Buchanan was stepping outside of her comfort zone of BMX racing, learning new skills step-by-step on the bike is a well practiced art.,Her sights were set on a BMX Freestyle World Cup at the start of November, where Buchanan delivered a top ten finish and qualified for the World Championships of this new Olympic discipline.,Back home to #AIS for further [email protected] @BMXHPP

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Associations in different sports across the country are bleeding participation numbers, like B.C. Soccer, which said its enrolment fell seven per cent from last year., “(Parents) are aspiring for their kids to reach that really, really high plateau, when what they should be doing is just loving watching them play, and encouraging them to try as many sports as they can,” said Delta’s Glen Mulcahy, who started Paradigm Sports, a resource for coaches and parents, about five years ago., Playing multiple sports provides a physical literacy, a base of fundamental movement that crosses sports and prevents overuse injuries when the body is still too young to handle those repetitive motions., One local physiotherapist at a large athlete development centre has a 14-year-old in elite sports, who trains nearly the entire year round, obsessing over the data and information that comes with wearable technology., The summer after the Team B.C. player spent a month in an air cast, and a summer before she was to attend the Point Grey campus, Lalonde blew out the same knee — her ACL, MCL and meniscus, for the second time — and spent her first two weeks at UBC rolling around campus in a wheelchair.

Even though there are extra events, assignments, etc. and the honors thesis, every piece is worth being part of such a program., At McKean Defense, I work for one client where I am mostly working with the Engine Removal Projection (ERP) Tool, which utilizes Kaplan-Meier survival analysis, and other engine data., My most memorable work so far was working on these engines over the summer and their role in the ERP Tool, and realizing that rather than a problem within the tool, there was a problem with the data input., With your team, women’s lacrosse, you’ve been working to raise awareness of relationship violence and specifically the One Love Foundation., As a team, we’ve learned a lot throughout the year during our workshops and other events.