But unlike HBO and “Game of Thrones,” WGN and the Cubs aren’t hyping their final season together after 72 years.,In my first year as Cubs beat writer in 1997, WGN televised 144 games.,The following January, the Cubs owners — Tribune Co. — decided to reduce the WGN schedule to 92 games, placing 62 games on CLTV, the company’s local cable news channel.,Fans gradually grew accustomed to watching more games on cable, and in 2003 the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks began their own sports channel, Comcast SportsNet Chicago, which is now NBC Sports Chicago.,WGN will televise the Cubs' season opener — likely for the last time »

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There's a good chance that this stalemate is the result of two high-powered agents waiting for the other to make the first move, in an everlasting game of brinkmanship.,Now it can be told: the 30 reasons why every major-league team isn't signing Harper or Machado.,Baltimore Orioles: The whole reason Harper and Machado are such attractive free agents is that they're young enough to remain stars for years to come.,New York Mets: Sure, Robinson Cano is 10 years older, not as good as Harper or Machado, and costs a ton in his own right.,San Francisco Giants: Garlic fries are a staple at AT&T Park, and Giants owners swear Harper and Machado are vampires.

The Cubs-owning Ricketts family has ripped Tunney as he seeks re-election in the 44th Ward, which includes Wrigley Field.,“I mean, Tom Tunney has always seen himself as someone who is against the Cubs,” Ricketts said.,The comment Ricketts referenced was uttered on the City Council floor in 2013, when Tunney said he would "be up your butt every day" if the Cubs owners didn't honor their commitments to Wrigleyville residents.,Told of Ricketts’ comments, Tunney said he thinks Ricketts is still upset the team didn’t get public funding to help pay for Wrigley Field renovations.,Asked whether the Ricketts family’s involvement in the race helps his candidacy in the eyes of residents leery of their reach in and around the ballpark, Tunney said “there is a genuine concern about total control of an alderman by any individual, in this case the Ricketts family.”

The games are only available to Spectrum cable TV subscribers.,If you live in the Los Angeles TV market, or other TV markets that Dodgers claim as home markets, such as Las Vegas, you can not get the games through the MLB.com TV package or through the MLB Extra Innings package.,When the channel first started, it was only available to Time Warner Cable subscribers in the Los Angeles area and to Bright House subscribers in Bakersfield.,Charter Communications, the other big cable TV player in the Los Angeles area, acquired Time Warner Cable and Bright House and created the Spectrum brand in 2016.,By this time many teams were showing most or even all their games on TV in their local market, usually in a combination of a local TV station and a regional sports network.

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The Soi Dog Foundation, one of the leading organisations battling the dog meat trade in Asia, has called again for a concerted effort in Vietnam to end the eating of dogs and cats.,John Dalley, founder of Soi Dog, said today, “By announcing a ban on selling dog meat in the city from 2021, the authorities in Hanoi have already shown that they are concerned about the effect eating dogs and cats has on the image of their city.,“We call on the Hanoi city fathers to take action now to end the eating of dogs and cats, and all the cruelty that goes with it, all across the city, so that Hanoi’s reputation will not suffer internationally when the first grand prix is staged in 2020.”,Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries are committed to the eradication of rabies by 2020 but, as Mr Dalley pointed out to government officials as long ago as 2013, “Stopping the dog meat trade will not eliminate rabies.,Mr Dalley counters, “The eating of dogs and cats in Hanoi is a relatively recent phenomenon, introduced by Chinese military advisers as recently as the war of independence.

Upon receiving the Cherokee Bluff High football team’s uniform pants last Tuesday, Kenny Hill felt a wave of gratification rush over him.,It was the same sensation the athletic director of the new South Hall school experienced when he watched the Bears’ spring football scrimmage and first saw coaches post rosters for the upcoming year.,Our football coach is from one place, then our basketball coach is from another,” Hill said.,Once coaches were in place and up to speed with Cherokee Bluff’s vision, they began meeting with prospective parents and players from area middle schools and high schools while drumming up interest on social media for their specific programs.,Cherokee Bluff, which will open alongside its accompanying middle school on the current site of Flowery Branch High, is building a baseball stadium where the Falcons’ tennis courts and additional practice field used to sit.

Considering that there’s only one openly gay male athlete in all of American pro-sports — a result of widespread homophobia and toxic masculinity — seeing two pro-athletes comfort each other in public is a welcome sight in the competitive and hyper-masculine world of sports., Although the sports commentators in the clip below initially laugh at the display of male affection — asking, “What in the world do we have here?”, and later joking that Acuña is having some “nap time” — the main commentator soon reduces his laughter, noting Albies giving Acuña a scalp massage and then calling the two teammates “best of friends.”, Then, in a seeming recognition of what these two men are sharing, the commentators imagine dialogue between Albies and Acuña saying, “Listen, I think I’m a little stressed right now., A 2015 survey of 9,500 athletes from six English-speaking countries found 83% of male athletes remain closeted to their teammates, 84% had witnessed homophobia in a sporting match and 80% didn’t feel safe being openly gay as a competitor or spectator.