Earl Warren, of Fort Dodge, was shopping at the Key on Central Friday afternoon when he heard loud banging noises from across the street.,When he looked outside, he was among the first to notice a section of the building at 1031 Central Ave. leaning out.,The tilting section of the wall fell in three large chunks shortly before 2:40 p.m., raining bricks, dust, mortar and bits of wood down onto the sidewalk and into 11th Street.,Fierke said Friday afternoon that the building owner is responsible for removing any part of the building that is in imminent danger of of falling down.,As he surveyed the fallen bricks Friday afternoon, he remained grateful it wasn’t worse.

If you do have the time, well, here we go:

I have a tendency, and most of my friends have probably taken note: When I get too drunk, I like to leave., Jump and lift your hands up” before you jump left four times and right four times, over and over again., The next thing I remember is being in the emergency room having a woman stitch my face up., With an entire gash on the side of my face, boy, I must have been off the Henny., I don’t remember exactly what my brother said to me, but he said something along the lines of, “You have to calm down, or she’s going to fuck your face up.” read more