On Aug. 20, 2005, a crowd of A-listers — including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jessica Alba — watched as Lauren Sanchez, an “Extra” correspondent, sashayed down the aisle to tie the knot with their Hollywood mega-agent Patrick Whitesell.,Finally caught out, Sanchez and Bezos are in the relationship for keeps, said the source familiar with the affair.,Bezos made a play for Sanchez at a 2016 holiday party that he threw with Matt Damon to celebrate “Manchester by the Sea,” said the source familiar with the affair.,Patrick Whitesell, Lauren Sanchez and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, 2016.,In November 2018, Bezos and Sanchez told their spouses about their affair and were seen “making out like teenagers” at Hollywood power spot Felix in Venice, Calif., Page Six reported.

Illinois State Police documents show that the agency frequently assigns troopers to escort sports teams, musicians and even filmmakers across the congested roadways of greater Chicago.,Illinois State Police wouldn’t comment on the trip, so the Tribune made a public records request for all police escort contracts in 2018.,Though critics have called police escorts for sports teams a frivolous and potentially dangerous use of public resources, state police defend them as a way to provide “safety and security for all those involved in the motorcade as well as for the motoring public.”,The contracts show that visiting NFL teams routinely receive police escorts to and from the airport, hotels and Soldier Field.,College football teams are also major customers: Northwestern University had a standing order for police escorts between its team hotel and Ryan Field on game days, and the University of Illinois paid for the service when it played at Soldier Field in September.

But that’s not the only genre Media City residents and readers were interested in — below is the top Leader story of each month in terms of pageviews, and they include news about a restaurant reopening, a long-time institution closing and a film crew shutting down a major thoroughfare for a weekend.,Electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors Inc. will soon have a new facility in Burbank where customers can order and pick up new vehicles, and it will be located less than a block away from its current showroom.,Lenny Trinh of Burbank was riding his bicycle about 5 p.m. in a designated bike lane on Alameda Avenue between Mariposa Street and Griffith Park Drive when he struck an open car door and was ejected into traffic.,The restaurant group behind the Castaway restaurant in Burbank was looking to improve the dining experience it offered customers, leading to a renovation in May and then, in November, opening a secluded lounge that focuses on premium cocktails and appetizers.,Ben Barron, a federal prosecutor, said Simonyan was already under investigation for his alleged ties to a series of sham medical clinics that were issuing fraudulent drug prescriptions, prompting investigators to look into his immigration history.

There was also Marine vet William McNulty, who founded Team Rubicon Global (you probably saw their commercials during the World Series); Marine vet Ryan Tate, who returned home, only to venture off to Africa to fight poachers; and Army vet Marc Raciti, who suffered so severely from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that he attempted suicide, but lived to write a book about the experience and help others cope with PTSD’s ill effects.,Then there’s a pair of part-time versions—the Army Reserves, which falls under the purview of the federal government, in which you can get sent off to war fairly regularly, depending on what’s brewing in the world at the time, but don’t have to do full-time service; and the Army National Guard, which is dually controlled by the federal and state governments, and offers its soldiers the ability to serve both in state and abroad.,“[The Army] did a great job acclimating the part-time soldiers to the active duty life,” says Boyle.,Then, nearly a decade after Boyle retired from the Army National Guard, he and his wife, Eileen, began thinking about opening their own business.,Boyle tells me that it had always been his Eileen’s dream to open her own gym—she has an Exercise Science degree from the University at Buffalo, a masters in Health and Human Performance from Canisius and has held numerous personal trainer positions—and that’s where Anatomie came into being.