Adventure versus Safety and Security

Paul Salopek, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and contributor to National Geographic magazine, is walking around the world! 21000 miles in seven years! He is early in his journey but has already noticed how bound humanity is to cars loosing directional sense and many other common sense skills. He calls this loss Car Brain. His observations include how most drivers miss the celebratory opportunities of small towns and villages as well as countless other cultural experiences! Comically, it is society’s “marginal people” as he writes in the Sunday Review section of The New York Times, that help him “find his way across the planet.” Good luck Paul. I wish you well!

Nairobi Mall Shooting

Unfortunately, we are too often reminded of the sheer amount of violence that occurs daily in the world. Yesterday, I briefly watched a television show on the Science Channel about aliens. Several physicists suggested that if aliens had the warp drive technology to travel many light years to our planet then it was likely they would be friendly. They reasoned that a society that advanced would have long destroyed each other had they not grown beyond violence. I see ego as the need to dominate, manipulate, and use others. If all of us learn to observe and unhook from ego, then we are doing our part to make the planet a better place!