Cheating in Sports

I was working out at my buddy’s gym on the ground floor of his high end South Beach condo in march when Alex Rodriguez sauntered in to do a workout, rehabbing from hip surgery. I went from machine to machine trying to maximize my efforts in a relatively brief period of time. Meanwhile A-Rod looked like he was in super chill mode working out like a seventy year-old. I told everyone that I talked to that day that I thought he might be done. This article in the Sunday New York Times suggests that a small time dispute between a client/business partner of Biogenesis owner Anthony Bosch might assist in his demise. The owner of the clinic, a “classic con man,” wouldn’t pay a measly  $4000 loan back and got ratted out as a result. Big name players like Ryan Braun were also ensnared as a result of their dealings with Bosch. People cheat in life and in sports  because it often pays off in the short run, like A-Rod’s fabulous 2009 year. The real question is how do we create a culture where cheating is less rewarded? Wouldn’t it be great if we had courses in Integrity in school? I often say that we need more teaching in communication, self-expression, empathy, and love! Integrity is fundamental to true and lasting success in life and business so I am adding that as part of a future curriculum in school!