Inspiring People

Not only have I enjoyed Jim Nantz’s sports broadcasting over the years but I have met him personally! Several times, I’ve ran into him at the Organic Market in Westport, CT where I currently reside. He is also a member of Stanwich Golf Club in Greenwich, CT. Once, I saw him on the putting green there and introduced myself. He offered me his membership number to charge food on him if I wanted? I politely declined but was impressed with his spontaneous generosity, something I practice and teach. Five minutes later, he provided commentary like he does on television as I prepared to tee off. I nailed a three wood two hundred and forty yards right down the middle of the fairway only to chunk a wedge once he was out of sight five minutes later. I will never forget that experience and I’d like to congratulate him on the his dedication and service to game of golf and beyond. The world is a better place with guys like Jim Nantz in it!