A Different Approach

After years of watching the Yankees sign high priced superstars to long-term contracts I feel strongly that they did the right thing by letting Cano go by passing on his demands. At 31, it’s hard to argue that another 10 year two hundred plus million contact is worth the risk, especially given the A-Rod situation. It takes courage to change course and do things differently and the Yankees are finally showing some – good stuff! I teach clients what I call fluidity or the flexibility to do things differently, especially if what they have been doing is not working. The Yankees have had a lot of success with high priced superstars in the past but the world is changing and the numbers are getting out of hand for guys that are already in their prime and may only have a few great years left. Only time will tell but again congrats for trying a different approach!

Skill and Will

Sanchez may have the will but I’m not convinced he has the skill nor do many. I remember watching Sanchez’ first two seasons with the Jets when he got credit for taking them to the AFC championship game. Somewhere along the way Rex Ryan married him as well – big mistake. Sanchez was never that good, the Jets defense was superb then. Like any organization, top management matters a lot and the Jets have been abysmal in this regard. Getting too attached to anyone or anything is problematic in life and business. This is especially true in sports. Flexibility and fluidity are a far better substitute just look at the Patriots; true they’ve had Brady but when he got injured Matt Cassel, a no-name backup got the job done. Belichick as we all know is far beyond Ryan in intelligence and coaching skill but its his flexibility and willingness to let go of players who no longer fit that stands apart from mere mortals like Ryan!