An investment banker came to see me because he was tired and feeling depleted. For many years, he had been working long hours, traveling well over a hundred days a year, and rarely ever felt appreciated. In fact, the only thing he looked forward to at work was his bonus, which gratified him only briefly now.  You may not be an investment banker but this story may still sound familiar. Many of us are working long hours and feel under-appreciated. Some of us don’t feel appreciated at all. I am also coaching an elementary school teacher who feels this way. He doesn’t have the hours a banker does, and yet he still works pretty hard.  He too is often tired, frustrated and fatigued without the compensation to look forward too.

The essence of what we are discussing is Burnout and if we don’t do something about Burnout, it will eventually do something to us. Anxiety and depression are common side affects of Burnout. Both these guys have experienced significant anxiety and depression over the past several years. As I have said before, many people turn to medication in situations like this.

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