It's never too late to change

An interesting article in the Sunday Times sports section on Tom Coughlin, the New York Giants head coach. As a lifelong Giants fan I’ve watched Coughlin mature as a coach and leader well into his sixties. At first, I didn’t like him for many of the same reasons as his players. He seemed too uptight, rigid, and inflexible; qualities that perturb me in others not just head football coaches. But Coughlin, too his credit, changed just enough to win over his players and pull together a Super Bowl victory and the rest is history as they say! Change, at any age, is challenging. And yet, those of us who embrace change, while retaining the core of who we are that makes us unique and special, often find life easier and more rewarding. I love to teach and exemplify emotional flexibility. It’s a terrific way to live. Remember: it’s never too late to change!