Pursuing Our Dreams

Paul Bragiel, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, decided to take a break from his venture capital work and become an Olympian at age 36 with little true athletic ability. He chose cross country skiing because it is one of the least competitive of the ultra competitive opportunities available for elite athletes. He was able to obtain Columbian citizenship through his VC connections and now he is training nonstop to meet more stringent guidelines for Olympic eligibility. He has lost over thirty pounds in less than a year of training and has improved his times dramatically but still remains a long shot to qualify for the Winter Olympics in Sochi one of his lifelong dreams. Many people might think that he is nuts and perhaps he is a little but the process itself will change him forever and probably already has. I try to help every client I work with to create big dreams and then we create a game-plan to fulfill them. Even if you fall short, the process of stretching and pushing oneself can be extraordinary in terms of growth and confidence. Striving for continuous self improvement is one of the best ways to live!

The Art of Hitting

I love reading about and watching athletes and entrepreneurs who go about their tasks or jobs in ways that “feel” right for them but don’t necessarily abide by conventional standards! Cabrera is one of those guys who hit by “feel” and don’t do things that are technically correct or sound. I play golf well largely through “feel.” It’s great to have solid technicals but many times good fundamentals are not enough. Allowing yourself to “feel” your way through a skill is invaluable. This too takes practice and confidence but can add a dimension to your life and business that no technical skill can!