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I was speaking with a client this am about connecting for the sake of connecting and he replied: “Its hard to find people who want to spend the time, put down their cell phones, and really get immersed in the moment.” This man’s life has become richer and more fulfilling the more he took me up on my consistent and persistent offer to generate more “Being” in his life, a life that was filled with constant doing. Being a doer is wonderful and can lead to material success but without “Being” it is often empty and unfulfilling. So take a few moments each day and learn to connect with yourself and others just for the sake of the experience and watch the positive changes that occur slowly over time!



In February, my girlfriend and I attended the Northern Trust Open at Riviera Country Club here in Los Angeles. We followed Sergio Garcia’s group for most of the final round. I kept whispering in my girlfriend’s ear that Sergio, a top ten golfer in the world, was going to find a way to lose; which he did. I wasn’t being pessimistic or picking on Sergio. I was merely observing his attitude throughout the round and knew he wasn’t going to get it done. Instead of staying positive and upbeat he seemed constantly irritated and tense long before he choked on the seventeenth hole by snap hooking the ball off the tee and then three putting on the green. read more


I was talking to a client the other day about intimacy and the necessity of slowing down to allow yourself real time to experience yourself and your partner more meaningfully. In 2015 many of us live rushed, hurried lives that might be full in some respects but often don’t leave us with enough quality time to connect deeply with ourselves and those we love. I was in a cabin in the mountains in Los Padres National Forest over the July 4th weekend and had a great time reading, writing and connecting with Veronica and our two dogs. The television didn’t work and I had no cell phone coverage. It was a cool experience from a slowing down and ‘being here now’ perspective. I highly recommend unplugging every so often, getting in touch with nature, those we love and especially ourselves! 

Dr. Brett’s Thoughts:

I was watching the Irish Open last weekend and took a quick pic when I realized that the golf course was Royal County Down, a famous links style course in Northern Ireland cut along the windswept Irish Sea, that my twin brother and I played back in 2007. At the time, I was experiencing my first bout of severe insomnia related to an esoteric form of energy work that later damaged my central nervous system. In addition to not sleeping I was dealing with the shock and shame of massive investment losses related to a stock fraud. Needless to say, no matter what I tried, I could not enjoy myself that week.  read more

Dr. Brett’s Thoughts:

A former neighbor in Westport, CT sent me this pic yesterday. It shows a cute little house on a great property with every tree but one recently cut down. I sold the house in April and it will soon be demolished. Having outgrown my experience there I finally let the house go, a huge challenge after nearly eighteen years of home ownership. read more

Dr. Brett’s Thoughts:

Each week I enjoy reading Adam Bryant’s Corner Office interview in The New York Times business section. This week, Mr. Bryant interviewed Joel Peterson, the Chairman of JetBlue Airways, a man who grew up in a middle class family in Michigan. Asked why people tend to trust him, Mr. Peterson said, “For me, a lot of it is listening. I’m a really good listener. It’s not a technique – I’m really interested in what people have to say. But it does develop trust as a byproduct. If you’re authentic, open, you call things as they are, you are direct and you listen well, that develops trust.” read more

Great approach to life and business!

This week Adam Bryant interviews Marla Malcom Beck, the chief executive of Bluemercury, a beauty products and spa services retailer. I really appreciate her no-nonsense, common sense approach to life and business! Regarding hiring she states, “In about two minutes, I can ascertain skill based on what they’ve done… Will is about hunger so I’ll ask what do you want to do in five or 10 years.” read more

Traditional meals around the world

Every week in Los Angeles I walk a mile or so from my apartment to the putting green at Rancho Park Golf Course and work on the rhythm of my stroke for about twenty minutes then walk across the street to the Main Course restaurant for a taste of Eastern Europe! Each week I try a different dish just for fun. Last week I tried the Ukrainian stuffed cabbage, this week the Hungarian Beef Goulash and the week before the Romanian stuffed pepper. I love the diversity of LA, especially the food! A few weeks ago, Veronica and I tried Moroccan food. Persian is next!

Aaron Chang Photography

Brent Frei, the co-founder of, a project and software management company, looks for people who are “mentally athletic and agile.” He prefers attitude and aptitude over experience. I like his perspective, a lot! read more

The limitless nature of life!

This Aaron Chang photograph of the Milky Way Galaxy reminds me of the limitless nature of life and the cosmos! It’s easy to become caught up in the day to day challenges of living and forget that we live on a rock spinning on its axis at thousands of miles per hour, hurling around the sun in a system that rotates around our galaxy which is interconnected with other galaxies trillions of light years away. Sometimes, dI coach people to look up at the sky every once in a while to remind oneself how truly amazing this whole experience is!

Chance at success

An article by David Busis in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times entitled ‘Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe,’ is very interesting. The author is frustrated and uncertain about his career while a college buddy has made millions doing what he loves as an entrepreneur. Mr. Busis and his wife vacation with his buddy and his new flame setting the stage for discomfort as everything seems better for his buddy than himself. read more

Invest in others

Robert Reid, the C.E.O of Intacct, a cloud-based software company, believes that most issues with execution come down to training and process. He states, “If somebody is not doing what you expect or you have a different viewpoint, you need to seek to understand what’s going on and help them.” read more