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How to Overcome Depression: Ashante McPherson

in Life Coach

Hey Dr. Brett Here!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family and really took some time to wind down.

After these last few months of transitioning into a new normal, we all needed it.

Actually, this weeks episode is all about transitioning into the new normal, a concept most of us can totally relate too.

My guest, Ashante McPherson, had a particularly rough time with his transition. In fact, he even went into a slight depression.

After being stuck in the dark for quite a while, he was able to pull himself out of bed and find the strength and courage to get moving again..

I'm sharing his story with you, in hopes that you understand that we all go through it at some point. We just need the courage and the tools to pull ourselves up and take action.

If you're feeling especially stuck, please reach out to someone you love, a professional, or both.

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